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Resistance is Futile

Warning: loving a dog can lead to a broken heart.

Would I have adopted my first dog had I been warned? Probably. I didn’t get my first dog until I was thirty-five years old. Before then, I had no idea about the enormous bond that occurs between human and dog. Of course, I had heard about it, but hearing about it from others is trite in comparison to the experience. Not to mention, loving anyone is a risk usually worth taking.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that loving any pet (cat, rabbit, bird, etc) can lead to a broken heart. I’m focusing on dogs right now, because my heart is broken from loving a dog who left this earth just three short weeks ago.

My boy Max

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Live for the Journey

Every year on this date, it’s a must for me to remember this lovable furry guy in the photo. Piezon changed my life and was my everything for eleven and a half years. He had such a palpable spirit and filled up the missing spaces in my life back then (he came to me in place of the children I couldn’t have). He brought along with him a lot of positive spiritual energy that manifested in so many forms. When he died, all that spirit energy seemed to go with him.

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Another Break

4tflwrs6 (449x800) wmI didn’t get a blog scheduled for this week, so I thought I’d post an update on an earlier post.

Remember A Tale about Feet and then the One Gimp, Two Gimp story? Well apparently, feet injuries are contagious in our home. I’d advice anyone to get a vaccine before they visit us.

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Excerpts from my Diary Part 2

Day 2 (read part 1 of my travel diary here) – Wow, my hair isn’t drooping and my eyelashes are staying curled. I guess there is no humidity up here in the north Georgia mountains this time of year. We had April humidity in Florida something fierce already. I’m not looking forward to this summer. So, for now I enjoy this mountain air.

We leave the cabin to check out the area. Max, the dog, is raring to go, even though he didn’t sleep well last night. Continue reading “Excerpts from my Diary Part 2”

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One Year Later

One year ago yesterday, a three-year-old tri-color Australian Shepherd, named Max, came into our home smiling, ears perked and friendly. Already well-trained by his previous family, he fell right into the routine of our household, except for one thing … the look in his eyes. Something about them seemed serious, guarded.

To anyone else he appeared  perfectly normal, happy and carefree. I knew different. I lived with him throughout the days and nights. His rigid mannerisms showed nary a smile, and only a rare wag of the infamous Aussie stub-tail. His wary glances said, don’t get too close. I don’t trust you. Continue reading “One Year Later”

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Down on the Farm (splat)

No … really … I was down … on the farm.

So, we went to a dog-pack-walk on a farm to help socialize our Australian Shepherd, Max. This is a monthly walk that the trainer Will Thomas does with his clients. We went to the walk for the first time last month.

The last time, Max was a little too aggressive with the other dogs when loose on the farm. We worked with him at home since then, and this time he did much better, or at least so I thought. Keep your eye on this German Shepherd (GSD), and we’ll get to him later.

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Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Hot

Did you think “hot” meant “beautiful.” Um, nope. I’m literally HOT!

I guess what I mean is, don’t hate me because I get to live in a HOT climate in the winter. I know a lot of people pine for a tropical setting this time of year. In all honesty, I AM grateful not to experience freezing temps, but I’m NOT glad about the HEAT! I guess you can call me “Goldylocks,” and not because I have golden locks.

Soooo … on Saturday I broke myself away from this addicting blog universe, and went to the yearly Art Fest downtown with my husband. We decided to take our dog, Max, with us. Continue reading “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Hot”