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Advent Happenings

So, life is busy here through the holiday season. How ’bout by you?

On my way to an appointment last Friday, it was raining, which was good, because we haven’t had any precipitation in quite a while. Just a light, steady rain. Nothing stormy.

I needed to drive fifteen miles to get to my destination, and I had no idea that just a few miles could make such a huge difference in weather patterns here in Illinois.

photo by Alex McGregor wikicommons

After about five miles, the rain stopped, but on mile six it was snowing. The farther I drove north, the larger the flakes and the more blinding the visibility. By mile eight the snow on the road was so thick and slushy, it was thrusting against the bottom of my car. So much so that it was difficult to hold the wheel straight.

When I arrived, the parking lot had a steep hill to climb. I was petrified I’d slip backward into the traffic behind me. Thankfully, I made it up, and after I parked, I realized I was not dressed for a winter storm. It was RAINING when I left the house! No gloves. No boots. I guess I should’ve checked the radar ahead of time. I had no idea I’d hit a snowstorm!

Skip to my safe arrival back home – not a flake of snow! Just rainy drizzle. Go figure.

In addition to appointments, I’ve been Christmas shopping, cooking, baking, and launching my new fiction book, Through His Disciples’ Eyes.

I’ve been enjoying the season, soaking in each moment, no worries (aside from the surprise snowstorm), until Saturday morning. I woke up with a cough and sore throat. I’ve been really looking forward to spending Christmas with family and despaired a virus might prevent me from doing so.

A few months earlier, my brother recommended these giant, gobstobber/jawbreaker-type zinc tablets to take when you feel like you’re getting sick. I started popping those in my mouth immediately, four times a day (they last a long time each). So far, so good. The early symptoms have subsided, and I still don’t have any kind of virus. Fingers crossed I’ve kept it away. 🤞

These are the happenings in my Advent season. How is yours going?

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10 thoughts on “Advent Happenings”

  1. This year’s flu seems to be such a bad one. We have been hit hard here and I keep hearing about this one causing really severe illness among kids. People get concerned about Covid but they’re testing negative. I hope you continue to feel better and can enjoy the festivities at full speed.

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