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Coasts, Canines and Crafts


Things are still hectic around here, but I thought I’d post a little something I did on my staycation by playing a game with my (rank) amateur photos. What’s the difference between this body of water above and the one below? Hint: The answer is not the watermarked year.

Definitely bigger waves in the first one. They have different color water and sand, too.
Let’s try another. What’s the difference between the water where this dog is playing and the water where a dog is playing in the photo below (aside from the quality)?
Once again, bigger waves and different color water.
How about one more? Where is the sailboat in this picture and where is the one below?
One of them is in a big city and the other is in a small coastal town.

One of them is fresh water and the other is salt water.

Here is the answer; one of them is Lake Michigan and the other is the Gulf of Mexico. Lake Michigan is the body of water that has bigger waves, yellow sand and always the photo above. I was surprised to see the lake with bigger waves than the ocean/gulf.

What do they have in common?

Me . . . taking the same types of pictures in two different parts of the country. I really need to come up with something original. 😏😎

Thanks for playing.


14 thoughts on “Coasts, Canines and Crafts”

  1. How VERY interesting! Who would have thunk about the comparisons between Lake Michigan and the Gulf? It was surprising because I thought you were taking photos of the same body of water just with different filters on your camera or something techie. Good job fooling us!

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    1. Thanks for checking out the photo comparison, Kathy. As I put those photos up of Lake Michigan, I was thinking how you’re on the other end of that long narrow body of water from where I stood. 🙂

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  2. I loved playing along. 🙂 What wonderful photos. A good “vacation” can be seeing something anew. It’s nice to see Lake Michigan. I take it for granted, having grown up in Chicago. But it’s nice to see it like I’m seeing it for the first time, and appreciating it.

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    1. Hi L. I hadn’t seen Lake Michigan since I lived here in my college-age years. We’re talking 30 years. It really was like new to me, but nothing much had changed. Afterward we spent time downtown shopping and eating pizza. Glad you enjoyed seeing the photos. Have a nice weekend. I love the cooler weather.


  3. Lori, I very much enjoyed this post, taking part in your game! I guessed the weather and lighting were different, but it makes much more sense they were from opposite sides of the country. Both look heavenly! Don’t you just want to hitch a ride on one of those sailing boats?! 😀

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    1. When I was taking the pictures I was thinking, “I think I took one like this in Florida.” So, I looked them up when I got home and found several. Ha. Thanks for playing, Lynette.

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    1. Looks like that was the last day of toes in the sand around here until next summer. Temps have cooled since that day, only one week ago. Hope you remained unscathed by Florence.


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