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Coasts, Canines and Crafts


Things are still hectic around here, but I thought I’d post a little something I did on my staycation by playing a game with my (rank) amateur photos. What’s the difference between this body of water above and the one below? Hint: The answer is not the watermarked year.
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Down on the Farm (splat)

No … really … I was down … on the farm.

So, we went to a dog-pack-walk on a farm to help socialize our Australian Shepherd, Max. This is a monthly walk that the trainer Will Thomas does with his clients. We went to the walk for the first time last month.

The last time, Max was a little too aggressive with the other dogs when loose on the farm. We worked with him at home since then, and this time he did much better, or at least so I thought. Keep your eye on this German Shepherd (GSD), and we’ll get to him later.

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