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Excerpts from my Diary Part 1

If you read my blog last week, you’ll remember I was having bouts of vertigo. We planned a trip months earlier, and I feared I wouldn’t be able to make it. I got meds from the doctor and decided to go anyway.

I took notes in my journal during the trip to the north Georgia mountains. Here are bits and pieces with the added addition of photos. Continue reading “Excerpts from my Diary Part 1”


No Coincidences

This past Thanksgiving morning (2011), I opened my eyes to find them spinning like a cartoon character who just got hit over the head. Not only did it feel like the room was whirling around, but the entire house … no … make that the entire world. I think I finally felt the earth spinning on its access. Continue reading “No Coincidences”


Writer’s Critique Group

Not been feeling good the past few days. I went to my writer’s critique group meeting on Thursday, and woke up on Friday morning with symptoms from the vertigo I had over the holidays. It makes me unable to do much.

The author’s meeting went well though, and we acquired a new member. Unfortunately, we did have trouble fitting all of us into the cafe, and only half of us showed up.

I hope this setback with the vertigo passes quickly. It’s already been a couple of days.

Look to your health — and value it next to a good conscience; for health is … a blessing that money cannot buy. ~ Izaak Walton


Health and the New Year


First I’d like to wish everyone blessings and good health in the new year. May our world prosper in all ways.

I’m still struggling with vertigo in the first couple days of this year. It’s strange how illnesses can teach us things about ourselves and others. I’m learning things about the people around me as I go through this unusual experience. I’m also learning how much I can endure, and getting reminded how being out of control leaves me with very little patience.

Mom arrived on New Year’s Eve and we celebrated together. On New Year’s Day we ate my spinach lasagna. I was pleasantly surprised how good it turned out. I hadn’t made it in a long time, and I created it while not feeling well. We ate a lot, but for only three of us, there is a lot left over. The accompanying honey ham was delicious too.

Check out my story Hope Lies in Meatballs for more adventures in cooking.