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Is Thirty-Seven the Magic Number?

At my wedding reception in the (ahem) 80s, I remember telling someone, “When we are on our fifteen-year anniversary it’ll be the year 2000!” Since it was my wedding day, and we were only married for a couple of hours, fifteen years seemed like an eternity. And we’d be old!

The turn of the century seemed like science fiction to me. A time and space that was beyond my capacity to comprehend. My future seemed bright, but also scary. Would our marriage make it? Would we have children? Would we both even live to the year 2000 and beyond to grow old together?

Here we are, June 1st, 2022 and both of us completely forgot our anniversary until it was upon us. Is thirty-seven years the magic number when it’s no longer a big deal?

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The Sound of Eerie

Over the weekend, our power went out for a few hours.

Yikes, keep the doors and windows sealed tight to hold in the last shot of a/c. It is August in Florida, after all.

sun burns wmHot sun of Florida

My husband and I had just finished a few chores and were sitting on the sofa discussing the remaining to-do-list when it happened.

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