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The Best Disinfectant

Over the weekend we were hoping to get some of that disinfecting UV light, but Saturday it rained all day. My brand new tulips enjoyed it though.

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Sneaky, Rain

Sneaky, Rain

You are a sneaky one, Rain.
You only stopped by for a short ‘hello’ several weeks ago.
I’ve begged you to come back and visit for a couple of days.
The wind travels by on occasion, but the clouds don’t come along.
Wind’s breath is warm, not cool and soothing, like you, Rain. Continue reading “Sneaky, Rain”

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Rain, Rain Come and Play …

… go away some other day.

RAIN, where are you? Why have you abandoned me? You know how much I love your sound, your fresh scent and comforting spirit. Why have you stayed away so long? I told everybody on my blog the last time you came to visit, and you haven‘t been back since! Even then, you only stayed for an hour. What gives? Continue reading “Rain, Rain Come and Play …”


Cool, cool rain …


I’m enjoying the sound of rain tapping on the aluminum porch roof. We get so little of it here, until summertime. What a welcome change. I think our dog, Max, is enjoying it too. He’s resting by my side, his ears perched in the direction of the sounds.

This probably won’t get posted until a day when the sunshine is out again, but I’ll be able to look back at this and smile about the cool, cool rain.


And now I transition to 3 days after the wonderful rain, and a surprise thing has happened (that’s sarcasm). It’s sunny in the sunshine state this morning. No more rain. Don’t know when it will return. Though, it’s a rare cool morning. I sit and type this with windows open and a crisp breeze brushes my bare arms. I wear a sleeveless shirt in preparation for the hot summer sun this afternoon. Dreaming of a day with more cool, cool, rain …

Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul