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No Speaking Please

Isn’t it funny how people love to see others screw up? I got a lot of clicks on my post last week titled, Insert Boot in Mouth.

shadowspeakerDespite my disastrous blunders that day, I usually don’t have trouble mingling and socializing one-on-one.

Speaking in front of a crowd, however, sends me into a tailspin.

I must digress a moment and make another confession, as I tend to do on this blog. It’s not the best timing to fess up, and I postponed this post from last week because it was even worse timing. But, I trust my blogging friends will still like me anyway.

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Do you like Funny Words?

This is the full photo on the background of my blog.
This is the full photo on the background of my blog.

Remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry liked to say the word “salsa?” I didn’t realize until then that there are words that I like to say too. There’s something about the way they roll of the tongue and through the lips.

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