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Time to Reveal

UpdateThrough His Disciples Eyes is now published. Click this link to buy at Amazon, or scroll down to read about the plot.

It’s almost ready. If all goes smoothly, my novel will be published this month of November (2022). I’m not good at selling my work, but I am especially proud of this book. It’s a very unusual plot.

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Writing to Inspire

Insight does not come through striving or stress, grasping for answers or polling others for advice. I need only become quiet and still, and look to the kingdom within. ~ Excerpt from the Daily Word, A Unity Publication

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In the 90’s, I went through a period of deep spiritual seeking. I had two major questions I needed answered at that time.
1) Why did so many things about the Christian religion I was raised in feel uncomfortable to me?
2) Though I believed profoundly in God’s all-encompassing goodness, why would S/He deal me a childless hand?

I sought answers for those two questions in two ways.

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