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metal bnch wmThis could be someone’s grandma’s house.

I’ve always enjoyed spending time with older people. I mean, even when I was a teenager, I looked forward to spending time with my grandparents.

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Longing for Simpler Times

Man is an overcomplicated organism. If he is doomed for extinction, he will die out for want of simplicity. ~ Ezra Pound

little lori bw wm

Life is different today than it was in my youth, and it doesn’t seem to have improved. Daily life is more stressful, complicated, and quite frankly, corrupt. A type of innocence is lost.

I understand that life is not just black and white like the photos on this blog post, but humans tend to make things way more complicated than necessary.

It’s satisfactory not to be responsible, or even pay bills. In fact, having values or morals, whether related to religion or not, seems to be treated as passé or unenlightened. Traditional values have disappeared to the point where even the traditional family is looked upon as small-minded. Continue reading “Longing for Simpler Times”

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Random Observations

~ Virtue and integrity seem to be things of the past.
~ Having faith in The Divine, God, or a Universal Intelligence that gives us freedom to grow, to prosper and to err, seems to be treated as “small minded,” or “unenlightened.”
~ Equality seems to mean uniformity.
~ Believing in one’s own inner power to overcome, or in our own empowerment, seems to be treated as “acting superior.” Continue reading “Random Observations”