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What Did He Call Me?

hot-dog-road wmHe called me an “old-timer?” How did that happen? I mean, I was a rock-and-roll chick who partied until sunrise. I was cool!

Here is the story.

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Like An Opal


My eyes landed on the opal ring.
Florescent greens, pinks, reds, yellows,
lilacs, silvers and golds

sparkled more awesome than ever before.
Each color with its own unique hue,
expressed an inexplicable beauty.

Mesmerized by the glowing stone,
an awareness came over me.

Like an Opal are We.

The stone is not whole without its colors,
and the colors cease to shine without the stone.
The stone and colors are one,
and cannot be separated.
The stone is the solid foundation,
and the colors its shining beauty.

Like an Opal are We.

We each have awesome, colorful Spirits,
shining brightly our own unique hue.
Like an Opal, we mold together as one,
in a loving Capsule of beauty.
Like an Opal, our Creator is whole
by expressing through us.
Like an Opal, our colors fade away
without our Creator.

Like an Opal, our colors are one with God,
and cannot be separated.
Like an Opal, God is our Solid Foundation,
and we are God’s shining colorful beauty.

~ L. Virelli