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The Social Media Dare

girlthinkingX2(800x533)I’m really struggling with writing posts these days and contemplating what to do about it.

You see, I’m having difficulty not bringing up what’s happening in society. I feel as if it’s crumbling around us. I’m not supposed to have an opinion about it either, otherwise I could be ousted from society.

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by Lori (L. Virelli)

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Because I don’t see you as a victim,
you’ve made me your perpetrator.
Because I see you as empowered,
you’ve made me ignorant.
Because I don’t blame your mistakes
on anyone else,
you’ve made me to blame.
Because I see failure as an opportunity,
you’ve made me insensitive
for having faith in you,
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Random Observations

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~ Sometimes when someone accuses and/or judges someone else of having a particular character flaw, that same flaw is in the accuser.

~ Sometimes what bothers or annoys us in someone else, means they are mirroring something back that needs to be addressed in our own lives. Continue reading “Random Observations”