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Celebration and Contest Giveaways

thewomanpaintedh2_850Author Angel Archer is celebrating the upcoming release of her book with a contest giveaway to win several different gifts. One of them will be a free copy of my memoir anthology, Home Avenue.

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Blogging from the Heart

qngagjsRecently, my writer’s group had a meeting to discuss publishing and marketing. We had one of our cherished members who is an experienced indie author share tips with us. She opened the meeting with what she said was the most important advice to pass along …

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Ghosts of Christmas’ Past

Image from wikimedia commons

It’s been said that many people get depressed during the holidays. I, too, have been known to feel a bit of melancholy during this time of year. So, being the analytical person that I am, naturally I look deeper.

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The Plight of the Flight

(originally posted on June 18, 2012)

A true story by Lori DiNardi

The plane sat on the tarmac for two hours waiting for a thunderstorm to let up.

“Excuse me … Miss,” the guy in the seat next to me called for the flight attendant. Why was a man well over six feet tall seated in the middle? He held a cup and reached out his lanky arm. “I changed my mind. I don’t want water. Get me some diet soda.”

The attendant took his cup and said, “Sir, we have to remove all drinks. We’re getting ready to take off. Please put up your tray.”

What? We’re taking off? But the storm is still raging.

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The Old Stompin’ Grounds

Perhaps you read about my road trip 1 from Florida back to my home town in the Chicago area. Well, I’m here and thought I’d show you the suburb where I grew up.

Even though there are suburbs on top of suburbs which makes it quite an urban area, my little suburb is called a village. Mom and I took a ride into the middle of the village, and I thought I’d share the photos I took. Continue reading “The Old Stompin’ Grounds”

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This Time of Year

This is the time of year I start to get nostalgic, and sometimes melancholy.

Where I grew up in the Midwest, my family and I spent Sundays watching football. We were die-hard fans, even when our team was losing and the games were blacked out. We listened to them on the radio when that happened. Younger Bears fans probably couldn’t imagine Soldier Field not selling out and subsequent blackouts. Continue reading “This Time of Year”

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The Story of Lori’s Lane

I walked down the lane … I looked at the moon … the moon looked at me and …

Those words were the inspiration for the title of my blog … the title of my life.

It all began when I was … oh … two or three years old. Dad used to make up songs and sing them to me. I loved those songs. He made up the lyrics and the melody for the song above in italics. At the end when “the moon looks at me,” he would stick his tongue out and make the raspberry sound. Continue reading “The Story of Lori’s Lane”

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Mom’s Stuffed Artichokes

Since I write memoirs, and I discuss cooking with my Italian family in my memoir anthology, here’s some more talk on food.

Don’t know where my mom got this recipe, but I remember it from my childhood and now make it for us at home. It’s really easy to make, but it does take some prep time. This recipe is for two medium to large artichokes. If you’re making more, add ingredients and some prep time.

2 medium to large artichokes
1 garlic clove minced
1 1/3 cups seasoned bread crumbs
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
3/4 cup to 1 cup water
1/4 cup lemon juice
water for boiling

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The Sweet Revolting Development

by L. Virelli  

After being dealt a bad hand of cards, Nana grumbled, “This shouldn’t happen to a dog.”

Grandma used her usual phrase, “Wouldn’t that frost you?”

All four of my grandparents played a game of Continental Rummy at the table in Mom’s gold and brown kitchen. If the cards they held kept coming up bad, an eruption of Italian swear words echoed throughout the room. Continue reading “The Sweet Revolting Development”


Why I’m a freak, reason #2


At one time I wanted a tattoo really bad, but I couldn’t make up my mind where and what type of art. Plus, the permanence put me off a bit. I mean, a tattoo is decorative, like earrings. Would I want to wear the same earrings for the rest of my life? I figured I’d get bored with the same art day after day. Yet, a tattoo could be the one rebellious thing I ever did in my life.

Nowadays, it seems like just about everyone has a tattoo. It’s not rebellious or different at all anymore. I’m thinking maybe the way to be different, is by NOT getting a tattoo. Continue reading “Why I’m a freak, reason #2”