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snowinapril (800x458) wmThis is what it looked like outside for the first ten days of April.

Have you ever seen one of those movie scenes where a person is suffering from a serious virus and they are delirious in bed? They’re sweating it out, shaking, mumbling, tossing and turning?

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Up, Down, Sad, Happy, Good, Bad

palm fog wmWhen I first moved to Florida twenty-five years ago, one of the local newspapers gave away free papers on any day the sun didn’t shine. I don’t know if that is still their policy, but I learned very soon that this truly is the Sunshine State.

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No Coincidences

This past Thanksgiving morning (2011), I opened my eyes to find them spinning like a cartoon character who just got hit over the head. Not only did it feel like the room was whirling around, but the entire house … no … make that the entire world. I think I finally felt the earth spinning on its access. Continue reading “No Coincidences”