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Take My Problems Back

schswans (800x449)wmI’ve been somewhat absent from the blogging world lately, because my husband and I have been going through some tough times. Continue reading “Take My Problems Back”

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Functioning in Chaos

galtrik2 (664x800)wmI don’t know how to do it. I have no idea how to function in chaos. I’m terrible in an emergency. I don’t know how to explain it, but my brain doesn’t connect the dots in disorganization. My mind freezes. You may have figured this out about me when I wrote about getting a call that my husband had an accident.

Continue reading “Functioning in Chaos”

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Slab Floors, Rain and the Flu

Looks like I’m touching on the kitchen sink of subjects today.

We had our tile floor ripped out one week before Memorial Day weekend. We walked on slab until my husband could put down the wood floors over the three-day holiday. You can see the imprint that the tiles left behind. Continue reading “Slab Floors, Rain and the Flu”

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Hit a Snag

Well, seems I hit a snag lately. On Thursday night after my writer’s meeting a demon stomach bug hit me. Haven’t been up for writing anything, including on the blog … until now.

In the mean time, half of our home’s floor has been ripped up for the past week in preparation for laying a new one. Going from tile to wood (Pergo). My husband has been laying the wood since Friday night. Today he is doing the finishing touches with the transitions and quarter-rounds. It’s shaping up to look fantastic, but there will be lots of cleaning to do afterward. Hopefully I’ll be feeling stronger by that time. Continue reading “Hit a Snag”