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Almost Perfect

mins fest wmWhere do those stairs lead to in the picture above? Are those minuets sticking up above them? Let’s climb to the top and see what’s beyond.

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Wintery Dreams

This time of year elicits dreams of palm trees and frozen tropical drinks with umbrellas in them, but not for me. I dream of quite the opposite.

From the upper peninsula of Michigan by Ms. Kathy

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A Peek Inside

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about a prince and his maiden being married for twenty-eight years. Would you like to take a peek at their anniversary celebration? It was no royal festivity or anything, but they had some nice scenery and good food. Keep in mind that the maiden has a very old phone without a monthly plan (buys minutes), and she’s sharing the photos from it. She refuses to enter this century and get an iphone (or the like).

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