Early morning on the farm? Me?

Just like parents change their lives for their kids, I find I change my life for my dog. I don’t do mornings, and Saturdays are for sleeping in. Not today! Our local dog whisperer/trainer (Will Thomas) has a pack gathering on a farm once a month in the early morning. We took Max today to socialize him with other dogs. Wow! That was fun … for Max. He had me scared out of my wits when he took on a German Shepherd twice his size!

Max tends to get a bit aggressive, it’s why we brought him there, to get some help. The trainer said that Max does over do it a bit, but he listens to correction … except from ME! I know what I have to do to fix it. Glad we went, but I forgot to bring my camera. Only got a few shots from my old fashioned phone, can’t even get on the web with it. I thought I’d share the pics below. Anyone in central Florida interested in the dog trainer, his link is on my blogroll.     Click continue for photos.

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