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The Happy Five

nd horses wmI recently posted a blog about the happiest states in America. North Dakota turned out to be number one, with frigid northern states all in the top five.

In my post I asked people to share their opinions on why they think the happiest states are the coldest ones. I didn’t see any that mentioned my own thoughts on the subject, so today I’m sharing my opinion (worth zero, btw).

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Random Observations

~ Virtue and integrity seem to be things of the past.
~ Having faith in The Divine, God, or a Universal Intelligence that gives us freedom to grow, to prosper and to err, seems to be treated as “small minded,” or “unenlightened.”
~ Equality seems to mean uniformity.
~ Believing in one’s own inner power to overcome, or in our own empowerment, seems to be treated as “acting superior.” Continue reading “Random Observations”