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 If only we could comfort those effected by the tornado.

Below is a reading (variation) from the magazine DailyWord.

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Distracted by Sugar Ants!

I had a wonderful idea for a blog post planned for today, and I got distracted. Guess what distracted me? Yup! SUGAR ANTS! Yes, I’m shouting. For crying out loud, they threw off my entire day. It’s 11:30am as I type this out … is it too early for a glass of wine? And I don’t even drink … much.

Everything started out wonderful. I got in about 25 minutes of yoga when I woke up. Then a quick, brisk walk in some cool weather this morning with the dog. I was so happy to catch some of the cooler (48 degrees) weather here in Florida before the heat of the day warmed it back up (to almost 80). I took my shower and came into the kitchen to eat breakfast. Whammo! Tiny little ants I could barely see with my naked eye all over my counter! ARGHHHH. It took me almost two hours to clean them up and figure out where they were coming from. Continue reading “Distracted by Sugar Ants!”