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Sneaky, Rain

Sneaky, Rain

You are a sneaky one, Rain.
You only stopped by for a short ‘hello’ several weeks ago.
I’ve begged you to come back and visit for a couple of days.
The wind travels by on occasion, but the clouds don’t come along.
Wind’s breath is warm, not cool and soothing, like you, Rain. Continue reading “Sneaky, Rain”

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Rain, Rain Come and Play …

… go away some other day.

RAIN, where are you? Why have you abandoned me? You know how much I love your sound, your fresh scent and comforting spirit. Why have you stayed away so long? I told everybody on my blog the last time you came to visit, and you haven‘t been back since! Even then, you only stayed for an hour. What gives? Continue reading “Rain, Rain Come and Play …”