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Fantasy and Real Life

4tulipscut-483x800wmMarsha A. Moore has featured my Kindle Scout campaign on her page today.

UPDATE: This campaign has ended. Thank you to everyone who helped me out. My Novel, Whit’s End, has now been published. You can find it, HERE.

You wouldn’t think that an author who  writes contemporary fiction and one who writes fantasy would make good critique partners.

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To My Favorite Writers, Thank You

I’ve been questioning my leadership at the writer’s group as of late, but so pleased to see everyone happy there last night. Some of us weren’t feeling well, but we did good.

I put up a fuss, but finally took my fellow authors advice and changed up my chapter to soften the main character, Ava, a bit. This time they said the scenes flowed together much smoother. Some weren’t crazy about Ava’s naivete about the antagonist at the end of the chapter, but trust me, it did can happen. Continue reading “To My Favorite Writers, Thank You”


Writer’s Critique Group

Not been feeling good the past few days. I went to my writer’s critique group meeting on Thursday, and woke up on Friday morning with symptoms from the vertigo I had over the holidays. It makes me unable to do much.

The author’s meeting went well though, and we acquired a new member. Unfortunately, we did have trouble fitting all of us into the cafe, and only half of us showed up.

I hope this setback with the vertigo passes quickly. It’s already been a couple of days.

Look to your health — and value it next to a good conscience; for health is … a blessing that money cannot buy. ~ Izaak Walton