Miss Muffet

Little_Miss_Muffet_1940_poster (762x800)A friend of mine suggested a good Halloween costume for me this year would have been Little Miss Muffet.

She’s right. If I had a costume party to attend, I would’ve dressed as her.

Why Little Miss Muffet?



What’s the Difference?

You knew it was coming…my observations on life and the differences between the two states where I’ve lived. First half of my life I lived in Illinois . . .

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Love Bugs … Literally

palm-people (510x800) wm
I was born and raised in Chicago, so when I moved to Florida (many years ago), I had a lot to learn about this state. From the environment, to the culture, to the chameleons, to the lack of four seasons, and … the bugs!

I wrote a little about this in my post Look, Up in the Sky. And, in my poem, Infestation. Except, I failed to mention one new-bug-learning-experience.