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Award and Tips on Blogging

bloggeraward-psitsperi_img_7908I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition award by the talented romance author, Angela Christina Archer. Through blogging and reading her fine work, we have become good friends. If you like historical romance, you’ll love her books.

I haven’t joined in on the blogging awards in a while, and I likely won’t do this often. But, I wanted to thank Angela for her online friendship and for this award.

Here is what to do to accept the award:

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Kreativ Blogger Award

Today I am pleased to accept the nomination for Kreativ Blogger Award from my delightful blogger friend, Viveka. She has enlightened me on the culture of her country, and shared many laughs on her blog. Thank you, Viveka. It’s an honor to be a little bit like you. 🙂

Here is Viveka’s link again, myguiltypleasures.

Accepting the award means I must share seven random things about me.

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Versatile Blogger Award

I am honored and pleased to share that the very kind corey m.p. has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out and see the very informative and inspirational blogs there about writing.

The blogs I follow are all amazing, but I regret to say that I think they’ve already been nominated for this award. I don’t know of another fifteen in addition to those. I will share a few that may not have received the award. If they’ve already been nominated they don’t have to participate. Continue reading “Versatile Blogger Award”


Man of the Year Award

Can’t help it, I get choked up when I see old films of him … the man I wrote about in the story titled In the Bears Den with Dad. They gave out the award named after him before the big game started. Check out my chance encounter with him.  Rome Home and Meatball

So, what did you think of the game? I’m not a fan of either team, so I had no preference. If I knew how to do polls, I’d put one up, but it’s amazing I even figured out how to put together this blog.

How bout the commercials? Any particular one grab your attention?

My thoughts on the game … preferred to see Eli win because he’s always living in some other QB’s shadow. This time the light’s on him. Sorry Patriots fan. My team didn’t even make it there so at least you had the joy of making it there (many times).

Not one single commercial made me laugh, nor were they memorable because I don’t even remember them now.

Until next year …