More Pets

I decided to add this one more page to discuss a few other pets in past years. Two of them have been cats. I only have photos to post of one.

Smokey was our beautiful Main Coon, who was obviously gray. He was a huge regal fur ball that someone found (as a kitten) in their car engine in the parking lot of where I used to work in Chicago. He moved to Florida with us and didn’t make the transition well. He became chronically ill and only lived to the age of seven. He wasn’t the friendliest of cats. Mostly kept to himself unless I made him  snuggle with me.

About eight months after we lost Smokey, our neighbors begged us to take the three kittens that were born in their garage. We weren’t prepared to take all three, but we did take one. We thought about naming our new tuxedo cat “Sneakers” because of her 4 white paws, but decided to wait until she was with us for a while and see if any other name fit her. Well, the first thing she did was dive into a pair of my husband’s sneakers, and the name stuck.

Sneakers was more than just “unfriendly” like Smokey. She was downright mean. You took your life in your hands if you tried to touch her, as you never knew when she’d strike. It was quick too; you’d never see it coming. She was an outdoor/indoor cat and she kept to herself most of the time. We got our dog Piezon (photos on original pets page) when Sneakers was five. We saw even less of her when he arrived, because she didn’t like our new housemate. After a couple of years she started to come around more. She’d sit on the back ledge of the sofa while  Piezon lie at our feet. Toward the last couple years of Sneakers life, she wanted to lay in our laps a lot, but still didn’t like being touched much. She was 16 1/2 when she left us. Her life ended 5 months after our heart-dog, Piezon, in 2009.

This is taking some time, but I want to share about the two dogs we fostered as well. They were both strays, one we found, the other was from the pound. We wanted to foster dogs and find them forever homes. Since then, we hesitate doing it again because we found two problems. The first was that the dogs were extremely ill when we got them. Since they were strays they came with all kinds of doggie parasites and it took a long time to fix those things. On top of that, they had behavioral problems. I discovered that I was pretty decent at rehabilitating dogs, but between vet visits for medical issues, healthcare at home, training and rehabilitation, I found myself exhausted. With life’s other work and chores, it took a toll on me.

The second problem I found was not so much letting them go, but never seeing them again. I thought for sure that the people who adopted those pups would keep in touch with me. They took all my contact info and said they’d update me. I had hoped I might see them again once or twice a year, or at the very least, get photos of them through email. None of it happened. I was pleased to give them to their new homes, but I never heard about them again. Although, one of the new homes sends me a photo of their girl in their Christmas card every year. That’s about it.

I’m not opposed to ever fostering a dog again, and in fact, found it rewarding when they got placed in a wonderful home. You never know, I might do it again someday. For now, it seems daunting, and I’m getting older. Don’t know that I’d have the energy for it anymore. I admire those who foster so many. I will always remember those two lovable pups. I keep them close to my heart.

First is Blaze who is thought to be a hound mix. We had her in ’07 for 5 months. Her forever home changed her name to Gioia (pronounced – Joya).

Then we had Sheena in ’09. She is a lab/pointer mix. We had her for 3 1/2 months. What a sweet girl.

11 thoughts on “More Pets”

  1. Your pets are so cute, a great little way to remember them and getting other people to see how great pets they were to you!


  2. You have a wonderful website. I am a animal lover as well. I have never fostered an animal and I don’t think I ever will. I would get to attached. I am at that stage in life when my children have all grown up. My house is presently full of my furry friends. They can be wonderful company. You have just reminded me of the stories I can tell about my own animals past and present.


    1. I wanted to remember all the pets I’ve loved and thought I’d make this page honoring them. They are as much (sometimes more) a part of my life as any humans. I think we need to share about them like we would any human we love. So glad it’s inspired you to share more about your furry friends. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


  3. Lori my friend, what a wonderful website. I love all of your babies, and I just know that Piezon loves you from the bridge & back. God bless you- thank you for sharing. ♥ Your friend, Gerlie Ryan. If you’re on facebook please look me up- I have several accounts but only use one- look for the one with a profile pic of me with my son Jacob.


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