My husband wanted to name our first dog something Italian, and when I jokingly suggested Paesano (Piezon), he ran with it. When we tried to tell people his name, no one could pronounce it properly. So, we spelled it phonetically.

His big, cloddy ways as a puppy earned him the nickname “Bubba.” He was and still is the largest Aussie I’ve ever seen.

Piezon took me on a journey in life I never dreamed of taking. I thought I was supposed to be a mom to human children, not a four-legged creature who dropped furry tumbleweeds all over my nicely ordered home. This dog turned out to be my hero. I won’t write everything about him here, but I do share a lot of it in the book anthology Dogs and the Women Who Love Them, the short story is titled: A familiar friend turns Ordinary to Extraordinary.

After he crossed over to the other side, I had a difficult time moving on. A wonderful woman named Rhonda put together his memorial pages for me here on page 1 and page 2. BTW, he was a flyball dog. One of the photos of him jumping a hurdle below, is of him playing that high energy game (and he needed it because he was a high energy dog). He went everywhere with us, as you’ll see in the photos … hiking, swimming, beach, fishing. He even tried sheep herding, but he wasn’t so good … the trainer never saw a dog hump sheep before him!

Feel free to share about your own pets in the comments. I would love to learn about them.



29 thoughts on “Pets”

    1. Oh, Pat, that link you shared wouldn’t work. Piezon was my world. I was in such a state of grief I didn’t write for six months, other than poems about him. I can imagine what you and your wife felt losing your first Aussie (and any others you might have lost). Thanks for reading about my boy(s).


        1. I just got teary reading that it still tears you up six years later. Heh. It will be four years on June 9th since we lost Piezon. The date that will forever be etched in my mind.


    1. Donna, Thank you for clicking over here. You are welcome to share with me about your furry loved ones. My heart goes out to you if you are experiencing a loss. It was the hardest loss I’ve ever had to face, so I understand if you are dealing with that. You are welcome to join in on any other posts too. Blessings to you.


  1. Had a look at the memorial page for Piezon – beautiful … had a dog once, his name was “Lilleman” = little man. He was my best friend for 13 years – he was funny and a true friend, but he died from old age – a big lost, but because he wasn’t well was it easier to get over it. Beautiful post, Lori. Have to check out your new boy too.


    1. Your Lilleman sounds wonderful. They touch our hearts and stay in our hearts even when they leave us. Thank you for reading about my very heart and soul dog, and for sharing about our Lilleman.


  2. . I am a lifelong dog lover and for almost 14 years I was blessed to be a first time dog owner. Not being able to have children she was my daughter and I was her mommy. One month ago today I experienced the hard part of dog ownership and had to put my princess to sleep. I have really enjoyed reading your stories about your babies and for the first time was reminded of the good times I had with my girl instead of focusing on the hurt. Thank You


    1. Oh my Michelle, you brought tears to my eyes. One month ago is such a short time. When I lost my boy I couldn’t focus on the happy memories without breaking down. As you can see, I finally can remember and be happy again. It takes time, and I’m so glad my page about pets gave you back some happy memories. Hugs of comfort to you.


      1. My beloved Lexee passed late June 2016. It is surreal . A sweet living gentle mini poodle , my baby girl. I miss her so so much. I honor her with flowers and art and my poems, My sweet baby for 16 1/2 years, It is too quiet without her joy, but Mama tried to help her, but she was sick. You and I, my sweet Lexee were ” unconditional love”.

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        1. Oh Sandy, my heart breaks for you. 16 1/2 years is a very long time. Everything seems so empty, like a half the oxygen was sucked out the atmosphere. I lost my boy in another year, but also in June. Hang in there. If I was able to find peace (eventually), anyone can. It’s agonizing, but you’ll make it. Comforting hugs to you.


  3. Welcome to the empty nest world, Terri. Although my nest was always empty (I’m open about not being able to have children). Once we accepted our fate, moved on and got our first dog, we realized just what you said in your comment. Plus, a dog never grows out of that unconditional love. The love just keeps on coming. Your Lucy is adorable, btw.


  4. I’ve been a dog lover all of my life, but am experiencing a new phase of dog-loving in this stage of my life. I am a mom to three wonderful young adults, and am struggling with being an empty nester. Lucy is making me realize that when your cute, funny, amazing human babies grow up and move out, a furry baby can easily take their places as the most adorable and entertaining creature in your world. I’m looking forward to reading more about your pets!


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