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Is Hitchcock For Real?

“What in the world is that hissing sound?” My husband stood near our bedroom window.

“What are you talking about?” The morning alarm had just gone off, and I was barely awake yet.

“Don’t you hear it?”

“Where? Outside?” I perched my ear toward the same window, and my husband nodded on his way out of the room.

I didn’t hear it until I went into the bathroom. Yes, it was coming from outdoors. I rushed out and almost bumped into my husband. “Did you find where it’s coming from? What is it?”

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Greenery Green (and other Colors)

I took a little time away from blogging for the week of the 4th of July and posted without commenting anywhere.

Instead of my usual deep, philosophical posts, I’m back with a lighter topic today.

Do you like flowers? Do you grow any?

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The Difference A Season Makes

I find Nature’s instinct and changes fascinating. Never afraid of what lies behind the corner as It dies and gives life once again.

Last summer I took lots of pictures of berries.

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Super but Not-So-Red

Hadn’t planned on posting today, but thought I’d share some photos I took of the moon last night. I didn’t doctor them. I just modified the size to fit in the blog better.

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Views from an Evening Walk

After sharing my views from a morning walk a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d share some from our evening walk today.

Our Florida subdivision has a lot of different sub-subdivisions. The one from last week is the one I live in. We like to change things up on occasion and walk through different areas, so most of these photos are from another sub-subdivision across from ours. The homes there, circle a small man-made lake.

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Views from a Morning Walk

I took a camera with me on my morning walk with the dog. Thought I’d share some of the simple Florida neighborhood sites.

chrs plnt wm
The sun is coming up on a quaint little front yard setting.

Below is something we commonly see on trees here.

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The Nature of Nature

Like many of my fellow bloggers, I am an awe of nature. We feel connected to something deeper when we take the time to soak in the great outdoors. I wondered why we’re so taken and why it leaves us with that feeling of serenity. As usual, a few things came to mind that I thought I’d share here on my blog. Continue reading “The Nature of Nature”

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Simply Fall

The simple things in life entertain me. You have no idea how happy I am to experience autumn. After living in Florida for more than twenty years. I miss it so. (For those who missed my other blogs about my visit back  home to the Chicago suburbs, click here, here and here.)

Most of you likely get to experience this every year, so these photos may be nothing new to you. But, oh how they tickle my soul and save the wonderful memory for me.

(For use of photo, please attribute to Lori and this blog.)

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I Wept

Yes, I wept for our world today.

I pray and meditate every morning to start my day off with a clear head. This morning I did a little something different. I fell to the floor in tears to beseech Divine guidance for not only me, but the world. What is it we need to do to be at peace? What is it we need to do to keep the liberty that our Creator gave us?

Originally I had a more light-hearted blog planned for today, but I feel a darkness hovering over our world that I can’t shake. I felt a strong pull to express my concerns.

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over while expecting different results. This is what humanity seems to do … keep repeating history. Are we humans insane?

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Look, Up in the Sky

(for use of photo, please attribute to Lori and this website)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no … it’s Super Dragonfly!

No wait, it’s a hover craft and it’s scanning out my yard. Check out the craft’s copper body and golden wings (below). Continue reading “Look, Up in the Sky”