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There was this girl—teenager, really—whose soul was deeply troubled. All she wanted was for someone to love her, but abandonment and abuse were all she received. Abandoned and abused by the people who were supposed to love and take care of her. And who knew that writing it all out in her diary would be the catalyst to change her life forever? 👇👇👇

Julia cut out of school early to meet Miguel at the motor shop where he worked. They snuck into a car hidden in the back lot to fool around. She arrived home in the afternoon to find her mom, Nettie, smoking a cigarette. She sat at their tiny kitchen table that leaned against the nicked-up wall.

Nettie usually wore her hair in a ponytail for work at the diner. Today the strands straggled down. Even the one-inch bangs at the top of her forehead looked messy. By Nettie’s cockeyed glance and stiff lips, Julia thought she was caught ditching school . . . until she recognized a familiar brown, seven-inch book. Julia’s diary. Her private thoughts lay on the table next to a pack of Mom’s Lucky Strike’s and an ashtray.

As if electrocuted, a jolt shot through Julia’s entire body. Her throat caught and she couldn’t speak. The words in that diary weren’t ordinary ramblings of a silly teenage girl. No. Her secrets could shatter lives.

Mom blew out a heavy stream of smoke. “Did you think I wouldn’t find it?”

Julia’s eyelids felt taped open. Her mouth wouldn’t move.

Nettie jammed out the butt of the cigarette, then swiped the book into her hand. “Why would you write such lies? Who did you plan to use this against?”

Julia shook her head, and her breath grew rigid. She couldn’t swallow or think straight. Thoughts froze on one frightening problem. Mom read my diary. Mom read my diary. Mom read my diary.


This is an excerpt from Julia Flores’s story in my recently released fiction novel, Through His Disciples’ Eyes. She is one of three disciples of a Jesus-like modern-day prophet.

Julia was right about the words in her diary—they did shatter a life. Julia’s life. Her search for love leads her to inadvertently come across the peaceful prophet Joshua Cane. His words are loving, inspirational, and comforting. But the betrayal from those in her own family may have broken her heart for good. 

You can read an excerpt from one of the other three disciples here. Click on the book to read more descriptions of the plot.

If you’re up for a good, philosophical read, check it out to learn if Joshua’s message can heal the emotional scars of three disciples.


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