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There was this guy—a man who masked deep-seeded anguish by taking control of situations and wielding authority. He lived sixty years ago. The fellow was an evangelical who had it out for anyone he believed blasphemed the Bible. He made sure to set them straight about the “inerrant word of God.”

One day, on his way to protest outside the doors of a blasphemous new faith, the following incident occurred.


Tobias checked his speed and then eased a heavy foot off the gas pedal. A sip of hot brew from a red plaid thermos steadied him from getting too worked up. He surely didn’t need the law to stop him before he got his chance to confront the devil incarnate.

A single light appeared far ahead on his side of the freeway.

Doggone it! A danged drunkard with one headlight drove on the wrong side of the road.

Tobias changed into the right-hand lane. With the car still so far in the distance, he couldn’t be sure how to maneuver around the wrong-side driver.

The light grew larger—bigger than any headlights on a car. “What in the Sam Hill?” Tobias squinted, engaged the clutch and shifted to second gear. He raised his hand to block the brightness, but it still pierced his retinas. Where’s the road? Everything illuminated to pure white. He tried to see where to pull over. Gripping the wheel, he held his breath. The radiance filled the entire road, the sky . . . the world . . . .

Tobias swerved the Bonneville to the right—it came to a complete stop, and the motor sputtered out.

His eyes squeezed tight, yet the shine filtered through his eyelids. A temperate heat brushed his skin. He flung open the car door and groped around the hood to the passenger side. The light blanketed him in warmth. Tobias dropped to his knees, arms crossed over his chest, hugging his shoulders. He mumbled the Lord’s Prayer.

Maybe a truck had hit him head-on and God’s angels were calling him home. Or . . . the devil wanted [him] . . . the Bible spoke of Satan masquerading as an angel of light . . . .

“Tobias, why do you disparage me?” A male voice sprang from the illumination [and then] whispered, “Surrender.”

Rapture saturated Tobias, inside his mind, heart, and the very core of his soul. He dropped backward onto his bottom . . . basking in overwhelming, gut-penetrating, pure . . . love.


This is a clip from Tobias Jones’s story in my recently released fiction novel, Through His Disciples’ Eyes. He is one of three broken souls whose life changes when he encounters a profound spiritual experience related to a modern-day Jesus-like prophet. 

You can read about the another of the three disciples in need of peace here. Click here to read more descriptions of the plot.

Why not give it a read and find out what happens to Tobias from this profound experience? Will the love he was sent quell his inner anguish and bring him peace?


3 thoughts on “Tobias”

  1. I liked how you gave Tobias redeeming qualities, even though he was the bad guy in the story. Everyone has some good in them and the way you let the reader see all sides of Tobias and the other actors in this story, made it rich in character development. A well-written novel!

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    1. I’m so glad you understood what I was doing with his (and the others’) character, Anneli. The characters are all troubled, and Tobias’s troubles contributed to his controlling behavior.
      Thank you. 💗

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