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You can’t be on a spiritually [or mentally] healthy path until you are done being a victim. When you learn to accept responsibility, there are no excuses. When you are not ready, you say, “I am not ready.” When you are ready, your actions flow from that readiness, and actions always speak louder than words.

~ Paul Ferrini, I Am The Door

Some who have been victimized turn into bullies and create victims of their own. Others who have been victimized shrink and flee at the first sign of distress. These describe the broken souls in my newly released novel, Through His Disciples Eyes. A story of redemption, personal growth, and personal responsibility. Click here for Amazon page or here for more information on the plot.


9 thoughts on “Readiness”

    1. Totally agree, Lynette. Someone is a victim in the moment when the original event occurs, but not forever. I do understand how a trauma can linger, and someone may not be ready to move forward. Eventually though, forward is the only way, otherwise life will be hell. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

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