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Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother nature,
your wind storm
reminded us to put away
our patio furniture for the season

But, my dear Mother Nature,
I thank you for
the extended mild temperaturesCoat-free days
Crisp refreshing air
And clear blue skies

Dear Mother nature,
your wind didn’t steal away
all our rustic colorsHalf are hanging onA few still flaunt like a peacockYet others are hanging on
by a crumbling stem

Dear Mother nature,
magical is your workYour creatures motivated by instinct
never question or struggle
with who they are
or their purpose
Dear Mother nature,
what is this bush

I walk past every day
It attracts a daily cacophony
of trills from your bird choirDear Mother nature,
Which of your critters

created this masterful workAlas as the upcoming weekend arrives
we say goodbye to
your enchanting autumn
for winter is predicted to arrive

Dear Mother Nature
as your parting gift from fall
I thank you for the glorious
full moon on election night.


12 thoughts on “Dear Mother Nature”

    1. Thank you, Anneli. I walked with Tre yesterday taking pics of the last bits of fall. πŸ˜• I was hoping you could help me out with some of Mother Nature’s nature. When you get a chance, check out the pic of that hive-looking thing hanging from the tree. Do you know what that is? And what’s that bush with the cacophony of trills that always has a zillion birds in there, even in winter? Seriously, nature amazes me. I missed these things so much when I lived in FL.

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      1. Well, the hive-looking thing looks like a yellow jacket nest, probably not in use right now as it gets colder, but I wouldn’t poke it to find out. If it’s in your yard, I’d get rid of it (carefully). Yellow jackets can be aggressive and have a sting that really hurts. The shrub with the birds in it? I can’t tell because it doesn’t have many leaves and the photo is quite small. If you can get a close up of a few leaves I might be able to tell, but no promises.

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        1. Thanks for the info. We don’t have any trees in our yard (except a small one in the easement). So no, that hive isn’t in our yard. I’ve seen a lot of them in trees around here. At first I thought it was a beehive, but with so many, I wondered if it was a bird’s nest or maybe something squirrels make? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I’ve seen some starting to break apart, so they are no longer active. We have that upcoming cold snap arriving this weekend, so if they are bees, the last of them will be gone. Oh, and I’ll have to get a pic of that bush in the spring when it’s blooming and send it to you. It’s a goner until then.

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            1. Maybe they aren’t the same, but yellow jackets look like bees to me. And there are a lot of those hives/nests. I even saw one right next to a children’s playground. Yikes! 😲

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              1. They look a bit like them but bees are fuzzier. The other thing about yellow jackets is that when they sting, they can give you several stings over and over, adding to the pain and venom they inject. Having said that, I just found two contradictory articles on the Internet, about repeated stings. Regardless, bees are different from yellow jackets.

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                1. Well, at least they won’t can’t sting through the winter. But boy, there sure were a lot of them. Now that the trees are getting bare, I can see them all. 😲🐝

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