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High Rises and Plush Nature

When I was young, I was a city girl. And this was my city. ☝

It was a sparkling metropolis, clean and filled with art and culture. Lots of nightlife, too.Now that I’m old(er), this is where I want to live. ☝My shining city on the lake has been ruined by corruption, anyway.The people in this place ☝ – so down to earth – so friendly – so hospitable. It used to be that way in the midwest, too. Sigh.Especially in the quaint suburb where I grew up. ☝

I miss that.We took a week away in the Appalachian Mountains. Every morning, mugs in hand, we sat in those chairs, listening to the birds.Watching the turkeys.Watching the cows. I don’t have a photo of the bull across the way that made the loudest caterwaul I’ve ever heard. As a city girl, I didn’t know bulls could wail so high pitched. It sounded like an animal in some kind of severe distress. Shows how ignorant I am to country life. I thought they all mooed in that deep baritone.

When the bull wasn’t screaming, it was so quiet you could literally hear the cows yanking their feed from the roots.

This was a wonderfully peaceful time away. Eventually, I hope to share more of the photos I took.Brief recap of the trip – For four hours each morning, we sat and rocked on the porch. For three of those five afternoons we went hiking. For one of those five afternoons we drove around and explored. Any time in between we sat on the porch again.A zoomed in view of the autumn colors. Wish we didn’t have to leave.


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  1. Well, my idiot ex drove me away from that part of the country because he now lives there in our home with wife #4. I miss it, especially the people, though I’m not sure if or when I’ll return there, idiot ex excluded, because I’m not sure I could handle the weather extremes because I am still a So Cal born and bred weather wimp. Even so, though I miss the coastal climate, I prefer the mountain views and serenity of those surroundings.


    1. Wow. That’s a lot of marriages. Sorry you weren’t able to stay in Tennessee. It’s interesting how our environments shape who we are. Tennessee’s weather would be mild compared to where I grew up near Chicago. I used to dream of living in Tennessee because it had four seasons but not the difficult winters of Chicago. And not the overbearing humidity of Florida where I lived for quite sometime.

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    1. The city used to be so exciting with a personality all its own. I’ve been afraid to venture there these days. The burb where I grew up was close to O’Hare, so not quiet at all. The country was a nice, quiet getaway.
      Hope you’re doing well and staying dry. So far we’ve had great weather this fall. 🤞


  2. That would be my speed too, out in the country. It’s such a shame what is happening to the big cities because of the lawlessness. I hope some changes for the better will come in the ballot boxes in two weeks.

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    1. The city used to have an exciting energy with a personality all its own. American culture yet diverse. Friendly people. Sigh. The country was a relaxing and a wonderful getaway. From your lips to God’s ears on those ballot boxes.

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  3. A friend of ours has a large cabin in a hunting enclave. We’ve never been there in hunting season but in summer it looks a lot like your vacation place with a huge porch with swings and Adirondack chairs. We wiled away a lot of time talking on the porch. First thing in the morning with coffee, eating lunch, then for happy hour. In between we tried (emphasis on tried) to do something substantial but most of the time failed. It was a magical time.

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    1. Sounds like you enjoyed a similar vacation at one time, Kate. Yep, it certainly was magical. There is that Italian saying, Dolce far niente. Sweet doing nothing. Thanks for sharing.

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