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How many Tomatoes can fit in a bowl?

Roma tomatoes anyone? How ’bout zucchini?

Content warning: Do not read this post if you are already hungry.

The batch of two bowls is the third batch of two bowls we’ve gotten from our garden. Not to mention the stragglers in between.

The zucchini has been plenty, too.

What to do? What to do with all of these veggies? Er, umm, I think tomatoes are technically fruit.

Anyway, how ’bout turning the zucchini into noodles?And then use the tomatoes for marinara sauce to make Chicken parmesan over the bed of zucchini?Or maybe eggplant parmesan?Maybe make a meal with a zucchini parmesan boat. Chicken with sliced tomatoes and melted cheese. Diced tomatoes in a garlic, artichoke salad with mozzarella pearls.Better yet – the best meal of all . . .. . .a full-on pasta meal with sauce made from the tomatoes. Mom’s made-from-scratch ravioli, my meatballs, and our Italian family recipe of fried pork tenderloin patties.  Add the perfect side dish – garlic bread. Yes, a carb-lover’s delight. Oops, forgot the wine.

Next year we’re going to try growing garlic.

I left out the pounds of Swiss Chard we got from the garden. Unfortunately, the eggplant didn’t do too well this year. We only got a couple.

If I start turning red and growing vines out of me, I’m simply growing into a tomato.

Any other recipes for me?


10 thoughts on “How many Tomatoes can fit in a bowl?”

  1. No garden for me this year. Just one tomato plant in a pot. It was a cherry tomato and did well but it wasn’t as sweet as I remembered. I think they prefer the ground to a pot. Looks like you have a lot of good meals there!

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    1. Yes, sometimes the cherry tomatoes aren’t as sweet, and sometimes they are. I wonder if it’s the brand we buy or something? 🤷‍♀️ We did cherry tomatoes too, and they didn’t come out as nice as the Roma. Thanks, Kate.

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  2. Your husband is a talented gardener! Such lovely produce. That spread looks so delicious. Agreed – some wine is the finishing touch.

    Hummm, recipes. Right now we have lots of red and yellow peppers available and M has started making sauce with them. He roasts them with garlic, onions, and a few carrots, then adds basil, salt and pepper and puts them through the food processor. You can vary the thickness by adding chicken or vegetable broth. You could easily add tomatoes as well; the ones we have are disappearing quickly into sandwiches and as side veggies (or yes, more correctly, side fruit 🙂). This is a very versatile sauce that we have used on pizza, pasta and as a dip, too. Happy eating. 🙂

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