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Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget
That I’m not the one
Others speak of
When they talk about “those kids.”

Sometimes I forget
That I AM the one
Others speak of
When they talk about the “older ones.”

Sometimes I forget
Until I sit on the floor
Legs crossed
And then can’t get back up

Sometimes I forget
Until morning arrives
And I’m aching
Slow and limping out of bed

Sometimes I forget
Until I get in my car
And have to put on
Glasses to drive

Sometimes I forget
Even when I look
In the mirror
Because I see the younger me

I see beyond
The wrinkles and sags
The youthful one
I used to be

My body screams at me
That numbers do matter
But the spirit behind my eyes
reminds me I’m forever young

By L. Virelli


9 thoughts on “Sometimes I Forget”

  1. Lovely photo and words. While I miss the ability to do certain activities, generally I’m relieved I’ve more wisdom than I had when younger. It’s been hard earned and the learning never stops but at least I can look in the mirror now and not flinch.

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