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Cherishing Culture

This is a bittersweet day. The day that reminds me of liberty. Of our way of life. Of the culture that seems all but lost.

After millions fought to hold onto our unique type of freedom. Our Constitutional Republic (we were never a democracy).

All people of the world should be able to honor the culture they were raised in, including Americans.

So, I’m using few words today. Just some photos cherishing the good old days of my culture. 

American football for entertainment not politics
A grandson adhering the advice of Grandpa for his game.
Classic American cars
Uncle teaching nephew about classic cars.
Baseball for entertainment not politics
Hot Dog Road

Courtesy of Wikimedia commons

public photo from flickr

A spark of United States liberty and culture still remains. It will soon be a bright light once again.

All photos taken by Lori and property of Lori’s Lane except where otherwise noted.


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