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Love in Action

Continuing on the topic of love with a quote.

photo by Joris Louwes at flickr

Love takes no hostages, makes no bargains, and cannot be compromised by fear. If you want to be kind to others, accept them the way they are. Stop trying to judge, analyze, interpret, or change their lives. When you try, you are trespassing against them. When you trust others to find their own answers, you offer them respect and freedom. That is love in action.
~ Paul Ferrini, I am the Door


4 thoughts on “Love in Action”

    1. I couldn’t speak to that one. I’m not a parent. I’m often told I don’t understand because I’m not one. So . . . 🤐😊
      Stay Cool out there.


      1. I agree to an extent, however, gentle and quiet guidance is required to help anyone in their quest for personhood. So long as the ‘guider’ remembers advice was meant to given not taken. You cannot thrust who you are or your wishes upon another, but some of my greatest growing experience from childhood through adulthood came from advice and seeing the actions of others.


        1. Hello Miss Mary. Of course, the parents of children under eighteen would need to discipline and guide. But I agree, parents of adult children can still give advice but can’t expect it to be taken. Thank you for sharing your interesting thoughts. 🙂🌷


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