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Risk or Rules

In the “real” world, it’s better to have loved and lost, tried and failed, dreamed and missed, than to sit out your turn in fear. Because the loss, the failure, and the miss, however painful, are like temporary market adjustments . . . Whereas the love, the adventure, and the dream are like investments that, for the rest of your life and beyond, never stop paying dividends. – Mike Dooley, The Complete Notes from the Universe.

My heart feels for people who want rules or laws to stop others from using words that hurt feelings.

My heart feels for those who want rules or laws that will force public and private businesses to accommodate their physical and emotional desires.

My heart feels for people who think rules or laws can be made to keep them from getting sick.

I feel for those who want rules or laws for their loans to be paid off.

My heart feels for people who believe rules and laws can regulate the world into being a safe and easy place to live.

It must be so frightening for those people to even consider the fact that the world is not safe and can never be.

Of course, there are laws against crimes of theft and physical harm. But to expect rules to create a safe space from hurt feelings, catching a flu, or having loans taken care of is simply not feasible.

Do those who want such rules understand the meaning of “diversity?” It does not mean to divide human beings into groupings where each group is treated uniformly and offered certain securities. Diversity means a mix of differences. Each uniquely made.

Having unique differences means you can’t make everyone happy. When you try to fill one person’s (or group’s) desires, you take away freedom from another. In a free society, we are all free to find ways to fill our own desires without the assistance of rules and regulations on others.

With freedom comes risk. Always. There is no way around it. The trick is for us to weigh the risks and decide which ones we’d each like to take. 

And I don’t mean the kind of risk in the photo above. Nope. That kind of risk is something we do have the freedom to choose. I’m talking about every day life kind of risk. The kind of risk where you get in your car to drive and take a chance of someone running a red light and hitting you. Or the chance of going to work and catching a cold from a coworker, which most of us have done in years past. Maybe even someone at the office doesn’t like you.

If a person or group of people wants rules so they don’t have to face risk, then there is no freedom for anyone, including those who are fearful. Those who need rules to feel safe lock themselves in jail without a key. Except, those who choose freedom over fear are locked up, too.

This world is not perfect, but it can be excellent if one chooses the attitude to make it so.


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    1. Thank you, Anneli. It seems like everything I wrote would be common sense, but people who are afraid are blinded by that fear. It’s sad for them and sad for all of us.

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