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Broken Souls

I’ve finally sent my manuscript off to publishers. Yipee!

Update: My book Through His Disciples Eyes is published. Click my blog link here to read about the plot and for the link to Amazon.

Now that I’m finished with writing the book, I’m hoping to get back to blogging again. I’d also like to start outlining my next novel, except I’m a “pantser” and have no idea how to outline. I’ve tried it before, and I ended up rocking myself in a fetal position unable to write anything at all. I’m hoping I can at least get notes down soon.

This latest book is like my other in that we have two people on the same path making radically different decisions. Unlike my novel Whit’s End, it is not about marriage or even family. This new novel has very emotionally and mentally damaged people in desperate need of healing their souls.

As I worked on this novel, I’ve tried out three different titles. I settled on the third . . . I think. Let me share a little about the story and get your thoughts.

The structure of the novel is a bit complicated to explain.

Max Greenwood is a lost and broken man. He lives in a dystopian world in the year 2030 and authors a book about two disciples of a modern-day Jesus, Joshua Cane. Max doesn’t set out to write the story. Something greater than himself guides him.

Julia Flores, a homeless teen, is the modern-day Mary Magdalene. Her story is told in the Book of Julia.

Tobias Jones, a charismatic control freak, is the modern-day Saul/Paul of Tarsus who has an epiphany on the road to persecute Joshua Cane’s disciples. His story is told in the Book of Tobias.

Max then tells his own story about how he discovered Tobias, Julia, and the mystic Joshua Cane.

The original working title was The True Story of Joshua Cane.

As I wrote, it came to be more about the spiritual man’s disciples and how they viewed or understood his philosophy. The second working title became, Joshua’s Disciples.

At completion of the novel, it clearly showed how each disciple had different perceptions of Joshua’s spiritual teachings, which is one of the many philosophical meanings behind the story.

My final title is, Through His Disciples’ Eyes.



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  1. Good luck with your book, Lori. I’m sure you meant to put an apostrophe in Disciple’s, or Disciples’ right? I like your idea of having the different characters adding their own viewpoints.

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    1. Hi Anneli. Yes, I thought I could slide it by, but nothing gets by you. I guess it’s too big of a boo boo. I didn’t care for the look of an apostrophe there, but I’ll add one back in. 😕

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