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Dear Citizens of the World

I first noticed society becoming divided back in 2005.


We were being told that because of the response to a hurricane, a white president was racist. People who were a part of that president’s political party were also labeled racists.

With the next president, the racial division got worse, which flew in the face of common sense and logic, given the race of that president.

We were told an entire nation was fundamentally evil and racist. We were told hate was justified toward the nation. We were told we all needed to accept this fact and change who we are.

Then the next president was elected. Well, do I even have to write how exacerbated the division became? The media upped the ante once again and went from labeling tens of millions racists to white supremacists.

Could things get worse with people becoming even more divided?

Yes. Things did get worse. Why? Because elites with a pulpit and a microphone tripled down on insisting large portions of society are evil and racist. Coupled with  . . .

… a pandemic we’re told to fear . . . the final nail in the coffin of humanity becoming unified.

We now not only have racial divide, but we’re divided by how to handle a sickness.

There is no middle ground anymore. Incited by the media and political elites with their microphones, humans are now polarized by their political views.

People I really cared about have turned on me. It has come to my attention that these people think I’m a bad person. They believe they are better people and have branded me selfish and worthless.

I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m trying to make a point that affects us all.

I’d like to explain a little something about how I feel about those ex-friends.


I do not feel the same way as they do just because we disagree. I don’t feel I’m a better person, nor do I think they are bad people for having a different opinion than mine.

What I do think is that they have misconceptions because they are being misled. Why would friends who’ve known me to be a compassionate and loyal person think so low of me now?

Could they have left me because of my big mouth? Because maybe sometimes I haven’t been so polite with my opinions? Perhaps. But what makes them think they’re so righteous that they’ve always been polite when they expressed their opinions? They have not. I do not hold that against them, but I do wonder why they’ve allowed political views to cause them to hate a person they’ve known to be compassionate and kind.

If I’m being honest, I am disappointed in them for not understanding what’s really going on.

Ultimately, this is not a story about me, and it’s not just my problem.

It’s everyone’s story, and it’s society’s problem.

As long as people with opposing opinions judge others as being bad . . . as long as people don’t pay attention to history, where we’ve seen that forcing people to do things against their will was never on the right side . . . we can never bridge the divide.

At this point, we have reached a critical juncture. There are two choices for humanity. We can remain politically polarized, which is leading to some sort of clash in our future. Or, the citizens of the world can take a stand and unite against tyranny in a great awakening. Realize our true strength and potential without needing a manipulative media and leadership to guide our thoughts and feelings. Or dictate how we live our lives.



11 thoughts on “Dear Citizens of the World”

  1. So sorry to hear you have lost some of your friends because of polarising views. The world is very divided right now, probably more so than ever before. It’s okay to have different views – we just have to learn how to respect each other but we’ve all got quite some way to go.

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    1. Hi Mabel. Thanks for reading. Things are tense right now. But regardless, I’m optimistic that things will eventually turn around, and we’ll all be proud citizens of our respective countries again one day. In the meantime, I pray every day for the citizens of the world to unite in goodness and live in harmony. Stay well and safe, Miss Mabel. 💗

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  2. The old adage of divide and conquer is in full view for those willing to see it. I recall taking part in a workshop where we were told to pair up with the person in the room who we thought was the most opposite of ourselves and then spend ten minutes talking. Of course, we all found plenty in common with each other. WE HAD NOT BEEN DIRECTED OTHERWISE! So nice to meet you Lori, thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Lynette. We’re at a critical junction in society right now. There is no flexibility with tyranny. I admire those in your country who are doing what’s right, peacefully. Now is the time to take a stand or it will get worse for us all and end up like WWII.

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