Staged Performance

Are you seeing it yet?
What is the real threat?
Are you paying attention,
to what’s causing the tension?

Are you watching the show?
Or are you aiming your crossbow?
Do you claim you don’t take a side,
thinking you can quietly slide?

It’s all a performance perfectly staged,
to keep the public unaware and enraged.
Don’t think for yourselves just listen to them.
So you can help propagate and condemn.

Divide and conquer is not a simple cliché.
Don’t you see what’s causing the fray?
And who is behind it all?
Asking questions should be your protocol.

It’s time to take a stand.
Not on different sides as planned.
The only way to peace and light,
is to band together and unite.

by L. Virelli

“Turn the circus off or at least know you’re watching one.” ~ Jim Breuer

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