Almost Over

This is what it looked like in my neighborhood on Wednesday. Gorgeous day. Temperature mild.

Our summer was extra dry, which is likely why our fall came late. Didn’t show up until the first week in November.

Unfortunately, it’s almost over already. Gray skies moved in on Thursday.

Ironically, rain and wind has come to visit, sweeping away the very colors the dry days prevented from arriving sooner. Boney branches are beginning to replace the colors. And grass is carpeted with yellow and red confetti.

I’m not ready for the frosty white carpet yet, but I’m hearing it’s going to arrive this afternoon.

Just a few days ago, the weather was perfect at my nephews playoff game.

He’s the shortest guy on the team, yet a star player. His team won and is on the way to his league’s Superb0wl. His effort contributed to a big portion of that win.

When we trekked back to the parking lot after the game, we caught a glimpse of what you see below.

We have rare sightings of this type of wildlife around here. I was so grateful I brought my good camera to get the zoomed in photo.

Let freedom ring.

Everyone have a beautiful weekend.

Now let’s win the Super Game!


12 thoughts on “Almost Over”

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for checking out my fall photos. The eagle wasn’t actually near my neighborhood. It was where my nephew’s game was held. But to sight one in suburban Chicago was a real treat. Thank you for thinking to drop by. Hope you are doing well. 💗

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    1. Hi Anneli. I thought of you when I saw that eagle, because of your photos. We rarely see them around here, so it was super exciting. Everyone at the game was pointing and admiring.

      I just got back from a doctor’s appointment, and it’s already sleeting outside. Bleh. Nothing lasts forever. 🤷‍♀️

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        1. I got several photos of that eagle. Wasn’t sure which ones to pick. The resolution doesn’t look as good on WordPress as it did on my computer screen. Thanks for your nice comments. I always love your photos.

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