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Lingering Effects

Over the weekend we went to a nature park near our house. The weather was a little cool, but otherwise, gorgeous. No greenery yet, but it will be here soon.After having the dreaded virus, I’ve been experiencing lingering symptoms. I have little energy and can get out of breath easily. It’s slow, leisurely walks for me these days.I better not take a bridge to no where. I’ll never make it back.It looks like I’ll need more time for rest than exertion, and that bums me out. It also seems that the virus stirred up old ailments I’d long since gotten under control. The last couple of days the vertigo I used to experience has returned. I don’t have a primary care doctor, so I’m getting in to see one today.

I’ve come to learn that lingering symptoms have occurred for many people who have recovered from the virus. Each individual with unique issues to their specific body make up.At least my crocus are blooming and the weather has been wonderfully mild for March.

Happy Spring!


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  1. What beautiful photos.
    While I’m sorry you are still having residual effects, I am grateful you are on the recovery side of things. Glad the weather is better these days!

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    1. Hi L. The residual effects are still lingering since I wrote this back in March. 😝 Yes, the weather has been nice. I wish I could get out and walk in it . I’m not well enough. At least our kitchen update is almost done and we may be getting a new dog soon! Hope you’re staying well. Keep up that good editing. 👍


  2. Lovely you got out of a walk in your area. Soon enough the warmer weather will bring much greenery and plants that you can enjoy. So sorry to hear you are suffering lingering effects of the virus and it is affecting other ailments. I read the post you made about how you got it and your experience of it – it must be so terrifying to feel like you were suffocating D: Hopefully you get some rest and make a full recovery. I hope you find a good doctor who will help you navigate this.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and supportive comment, Mabel. So sweet of you. I did finally find a doctor. Just saw her yesterday, as a matter of fact. She is working with me to try and get me feeling better, so I’m grateful.

      Blessings to you. 💗

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  3. Lori, a beautiful park and it looks almost like England. I hope you took a welcome respite on the bench, positioned perfectly by the lakeside. I’m sorry you are still experiencing fatigue and other symptoms. It is good you are seeing a doctor and hopefully they will help with tests. One result of long covid is the awareness it has raised of chronic fatigue syndrome which is similar. I might have said that I suffered terribly from this in my twenties when even a walk down the house corridor was nigh impossible, me clinging to the walls. The symptoms were too numerous to list but with time and learning to pace myself I made an almost full recovery. Be kind to yourself, trust you will recover and never overdo activities. Hugs xx

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    1. Hi Annika. I can’t imagine having gone through this fatigue in your twenties. It must’ve been a very difficult time for you. I’ve been to the doctor and have learned they are calling these symptoms ‘covid long-haul syndrome.’ It is taking some people months to fully recover. At least I know I’m not just lazy. 😝

      I’m so very grateful for your kind and supportive words. Thank you, and have a lovely Easter weekend. 🐰🌷

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  4. Such pretty flowers! I’m excited that the neighborhood squirrels allowed a few of my tulips to survive. I’m sorry to hear about your lingering symptoms. I can vouch for vertigo being particularly debilitating. My vertigo has greatly improved since working from home full-time. Never did figure out if it was the office lights or chair/desk height but I would get awful spells of vertigo at work. A silver lining of the pandemic cloud for me. Take care.

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    1. Hi Joy. I know that certain lighting situations would set off my vertigo, so it might’ve been that for you, too. It would sometimes even kick up at certain department stores from their lighting. I haven’t had it for a long time though, so I’m thinking my body’s defenses are still down. Just got back from the doctor, and she said she’s seen this covid long-haul syndrome in lots of patients. I guess I’ll just have to find patience. 😉

      Thanks for sharing and for your support. 🌹


  5. I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing these after-effects. I have about this from others. I agree with Anneli – I hope you’re now immune from this wretched thing. I hope you’re able to take your time and just let your body heal.

    Your crocus are pretty. 🙂

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    1. Hi Lynette. I just got back from the doctor’s office. She said people who are athletes are even struggling to get back their strength. It can take months! At least I know there’s nothing more going on. I’m not good with patience, but I guess I’ll have to learn.

      Thanks for the supportive comment. And yes, I was amazed at the gorgeous purple of those crocus. Something to smile about.😊

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    1. Thank you for reminding me of the good side of this, Anneli. I do think I’ll be immune now. My sister-in-law is a nurse and keeps up on all the latest medical info. She’s read several medical articles that point to immunity – possibly for a lifetime.

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