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Collective Consciousness

Cardinal on a snowy day

I found an interesting philosophical writing by someone on social media who uses an anonymous name. I’d like to give them credit for it, but I don’t know who it is that wrote it.

In getting back to the philosophical theme of this blog, I’m sharing the philosophy below. It’s very deep. I hope you’ll read it and think on it. I’m not going to share my own thoughts or opinion on what is said. I think everyone should read it and take from it whatever they feel in their intuitive heart.


There is so much more taking place on earth than we realize, and most of it is away from our intellect, or usual understanding.

For this reason, I am pondering the processes of our collective awareness, in the same way as the processes that occur within our bodies.

Do we ask our nose to run?
Do we ask a scab to form?
Do we instruct the food to be digested?
Do we ask our heart to beat?
Do we ask the blood to flow?
Do we ask our lungs to breathe?
Do we ask our liver to cleanse?
Do we instruct our legs, when we walk?

There is a layer of consciousness that supports life; that heals wounds; that jumps to our defense whenever required.

This layer of intelligence activates without any instruction from our brain. These intuitive processes are operating well before the impulses of our mind and they always act in our favor.

If we regard humanity as a unified-collective, but then look at the geo-political world through the lens of a ‘normal’ intellect, we can all agree that nothing makes sense right now.So, what if humanity’s collective consciousness is currently having an immune-system response to an external virus?

This exploration of possibility is not to form judgment upon anyone, but rather seeks to find unity, as we appear to be taking a significant journey, together.

Our collective mind is currently being subjected to so many mind-viruses, or ‘energized thought-forms’ which all desire to lure us into a particular belief or fear. The aim of a mind-virus is to keep our brain working, but never thinking. This never-ending work, distracts us from emerging truth, logical thinking, and new possibility.

Notice however, that when a virus attacks our physical body, our intuition simply takes action. Our intuitive mind acts before our conscious mind even knows about it.

Could it be, that our “collective intuition” has taken powerful action against an external virus and our “collective consciousness” is only now becoming aware of it?

10 thoughts on “Collective Consciousness”

    1. Hi Monica. My blog did not show up your comment until now. So sorry I didn’t see it sooner. Thanks for reading this deeper-meaning post. It really is interesting what goes on without the knowledge of our consciousness.


  1. Thank you for sharing this philosophical conundrum. I must admit that I have thought similar things over the past year. And I do believe in the collective unconsciousness. May we all collectively think strongly about kindness and love.

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  2. This could indeed be true–I do not know. But I do think the virus itself may be a result of a house divided against itself. And I do not like mind-thoughts-viruses that lead us into fear. If something, anything, leads us into fear then perhaps that’s what needs to be cleared. The unconscious tentacles that are feeding the fear. I don’t know, but that’s where this mind goes.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kathy. When I read this anonymous philosophy, I thought it was interesting. Something I hadn’t thought of before, and I liked pondering it.


  3. I’ve mused about this before – especially around the idea that the covid virus may be a natural sort of “earth response” to too much human interference in nature (and have seen this idea discussed elsewhere and in different forms). It’s not much of a leap to a mind-virus or brain-virus. Interesting idea. 🙂

    Beautiful cardinal. 🙂

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