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A Year Ago Today

Faith that Someday

I can’t believe it’s been a year
Since I stroked your soft fur so dear
I still watch for you around every corner
But find it empty and remember I’m a mourner

How is it that I’ve made it so far
Walking alone is so bizarre
You were such a well-behaved little boy
I miss the sound of your squeaky toy

One year ago I couldn’t bear to hear
Your labored breathing cloudy and unclear
It pained me to see you that way
I hope I did right because you couldn’t say

I remember your sad eyes
As if you knew leaving would agonize
I told you it was okay
I wanted you to be free to play

It’s still difficult to see clear
The good times of you being here
Vivid is the moment you closed your eyes
Your head in my lap when we said goodbye

I have faith that someday
Those difficult moments will give way
And just like with Piezon before
I’ll smile with happy memories to adore

~ L. Virelli

20 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today”

    1. Tears are probably because it’s dog loss grief. They are so sweet and innocent. But, I’ve been teary all day. Thank you for your kind words, Lynnette. It’s nice to have the support of friends.

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