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Can You See 2020?

2020 sucks!

That’s what I keep hearing everywhere I go.

I used to be a pessimist, thought it was in my blood, but after years of soul-searching, I discovered the optimist side of me. I don’t mean the type of optimist who can’t see reality right in front of me. Reality, reasoning, logic is a part of my DNA. Too many people I’ve known have denied what they’re seeing right before their eyes.

Lately, I find myself becoming agitated when I hear people say, 2020 sucks. I understand why people may see it that way, but this newer optimist side of me doesn’t want to trash an entire year. It sort of feels like condemning and hating a person for having character flaws when they also have good attributes as well. We all have flaws and so does 2020.

This is coming from someone who started 2020 in January with the death of our dog. The year only went downhill from there, from a pandemic, to the economy, to riots, to losing friends over politics, to not seeing my mom for six months because she’s in a senior complex, and more.But when I stop a moment to look around, the majesty of nature soothes me. It’s reason enough to see something lovely amongst the ugly . . . to see order amongst chaos. Not to mention, we’ve been lucky so far to still have our only source of income. There was also the kindness we experienced when I asked online friends to send my mom a cheerful note in the snail mail.We’ve enjoyed boating more times this year than any other. It was a social distancing outing we could do safely. We enjoyed time with friends and family during those outings as well.

Now, I do have some some pessimism to talk about. I foresee things getting worse, perhaps even well into 2021.

My fall roses still in bloom

Let me explain, but I have to backtrack just a bit.

I’ve been writing a novel for years now. All of the division and violence in the streets we see today, I already wrote about in this novel years ago. I follow and study societal culture, human behavior, and history. I foresaw much of what’s happening and had hoped to get my novel published before it started. Unfortunately, I’m a slow writer and also let my own personal human behavior (procrastination) get in the way.

In the meantime, while things continue to go downhill, I’m optimistic. Not only for a better future someday, but for what’s happening right here and now.The magic of autumn has begun. For me, the change of seasons is like the earth’s fairy godmother is dressing it for the ball. The colors are exquisite. The air is fresh. It all happens automatically and in perfect order, without any manipulation from human hands.I’m grateful for the majesty of autumn and the opportunity to enjoy it, despite how difficult 2020 has been.Look at where we’re pointing at a couple of more photos from the blessed day we received on our Saturday Autumn Boat Tour.

Look, a lone fireplace on a hill along the river.

How bout you? Can you find anything to be grateful for in this chaotic year of 2020?






26 thoughts on “Can You See 2020?”

  1. Wow, what a great post! I have found myself joking (or mildly whining) about 2020, but in all truth it’s also been a great year. A truly delightful year. Of course we’re not worried about our jobs or health insurance or money like so many others, so we’re privileged in that respect. It’s like the balance you talked about—to be realistic and perhaps even pessimistic about how our hearts hurt about things. But to also feel joyful as the beautiful seasons change and we talk with our love ones and take pictures and even laugh a lot at silly things. You are making me want to write a blog like yours and give 2020 some hugs for just being itself.

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    1. Hi Kathy. We’ve worried about my husband’s job throughout, but so far so good, which is one of the things that I see as good about this year for us. I know that if people really look, despite the abundance of bad things, there are still good things to point out. Just simply relaxing in a chair on the front lawn, viewing the autumn colors, and breathing in the scent of burning leaves is one of the good things. Even feeling grateful for the eyesight to see the colors is a good part of 2020.

      Don’t get me wrong, the bad things are truly bad, but to trash an entire year without seeing “in between” is something that’s been bothering me (my bro trashes the year all the time, but he’s naturally a Debby Downer/Negative Nellie 😉).

      Thanks for getting in the spirit of my post. 😊

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  2. I guess it depends if you want to go through life with a long face and a negative attitude or if you want to look at the positive and try to improve on the negative side of things. I don’t like being around people who find fault with absolutely everything. They bring others down. Problems always come our way and we deal with them. Sure, just now it seems like there are more problems than we’ve had in a long time, but we just need to work through them one by one. I still want to look for the silver lining.

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        1. I hate to say this, but I think it’s going to get worse by the U.S. election. But things will eventually iron themselves out, I just don’t know how long it will take.

          Glad to inspire a positive post. 💗

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    1. I agree, Anneli. I mean, it’s good to acknowledge emotions, no matter what they are, but dwelling and remaining in the negative only serves to cause more problems, like health issues in the body.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  3. Gorgeous photos, Lori, especially the one of the fireplace. I’m assuming that at some point, there used to be a house attached. 🙂
    I think that probably the best thing to come out of this is the break the environment is getting. It’s occurred to me more than once that if the earth is a giant organism, then the pandemic can be seen as an immune response to the damage from human activity.
    We’ve been forced to slow down in so many ways and to appreciate what’s in front of us. Do we need to travel as much as we do? Or buy products that come from all over the world? I don’t know the answers to those questions, but I’m thinking about them. That said, though, this pandemic has caused terrific grief and hardship for so many, and I’m grateful that I don’t know anyone who has died from this.
    Good post – made me quite thinky. 🙂

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    1. Hi Lynette. I still worry about my mom with this virus out there. She has serious health issues. For the rest of my family, the stats show we’d overcome (Recently, my brother’s teen son got sick. Thought he had it, but he tested negative. Who knew there were other virus bugs out there?)

      The earth still spins its cycles every year, and perhaps we were meant to slow down, rest, and take it all in.

      We all thought that fireplace (in the pic) must’ve been surrounded by a house at one time, too. My husband pointed it out from the boat, and I zoomed in on it.

      That was the first time we went down the river in the fall. The temperature was perfect. I’m still smiling from the good time and feel blessed.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 💗

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  4. I am guilty of agreeing with people on the streets of blog land that 2020 sucks and I have let it come right out of my own mouth straight from my heart or brain. But really, we have had some incredibly wonderful things happen to us in 2020. I’m not sure what to say about that. But your post has stopped me in my tracks. Maybe it’s your beautiful pictures, your words, or your admission that you once were a pessimist and found the optimistic you. I love that. I am a pessimist and can be a whiner but I find a lot to be happy about too. I find the little things light me up. We hung our capiz chimes on the lanai of our new house Saturday and I just looked at my husband and was filled with happiness and said “ït’s the little things… Home.” After reading this post I might just be able to find something optimistic to say about the humidity in Florida!

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    1. Umm, I still have a pessimistic side, and I gotta be honest, I don’t remember finding something optimistic to say about the humidity in Florida when I lived there. Hehe. 😉

      I’m not completely ignoring what’s going on this year, but sometimes you just gotta stop to be grateful.

      It sounds like you do have an optimistic side, you just haven’t acknowledged it’s there. You obviously showed/felt it when you hanged your chimes. I didn’t like living in Florida, but I always focused on my home/house, which I really did love.

      Thanks for sharing your kinds words. I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote when I lived in Florida (I actually posted a lot of poetry about it. You can find them on my poetry page under the Nature category). Here’s one of them that tries to see the beauty amongst the heat. Don’t know if I actually accomplished it though.

      Another one you might like is titled; Cocoon of Cool.


  5. Good morning, Lori, I am immediately drawn into your gorgeous photos. They showcase the beautiful colours of Fall. I am with you on getting tired hearing and reading all the negativity of 2020. It may be because 2020 is coming to a close and people are ready for a fresh start.

    Huge wow “…earth’s fairy godmother is dressing it for the ball.” A beautiful image. The pointing photo made me smile. Thanksgiving today for us. I have infinite reasons to be grateful and the blogging community is one of them.😊Erica

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    1. I enjoy your bright energy that comes right through the screen, Erica. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and for such a nice comment. I brought my good camera to take shots on the nice weather weekend. It may be the last for a while. It’s supposed to get cold by the end of this week. 🥶

      Wishing you blessings on your holiday and beyond.

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  6. It’s not a great year for me and I can’t fake it. I’m grateful I’m alive but I’ve lost people and pets. Perhaps once we get past the election, things will calm down somewhat. If my mother were alive she’d easily accept and adapt as she lived through the depression, five years of war and a lot of others things. I think of her often these days and I’m grateful to have that memory.

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    1. I understand not being able to fake it. I don’t know how to pretend myself. I do need balance though (there’s that Libra thing again). Last week I posted about missing Max. I think acknowledging those feelings are important to balance both the sucky parts and good parts.

      Thanks for sharing the memory of your mom. I’m glad you have her memory to be grateful for.

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  7. When I hear people say “2020 Sucks” or lament about what a bad year it’s been, I tend to ignore them. Typically they are the people who can never find any good in the world to start with. Those people drain my energy and I stay far away from them. I’m grateful I’m able to get out of the bed and walk across the room, as there was a time I couldn’t. Lovely photos, Lori.

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    1. Hi Jill. Well, there are family members that I love anyway, who tend to be pessimistic. 🤷‍♀️

      I understand what you mean about being able to get out of bed and move normally. It’s is a lesson in gratitude for the simple things in life.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the nice comment on the photos. Really enjoyed the day and wanted to capture the fun and beauty.

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        1. Yes, I’ve been learning to do the same with emotionally distancing. I mentioned to Anneli that it’s good to acknowledge emotions, but not to dwell on them and remain in the negative. It could cause health issues in the body.


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