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Is It Me?

Boy the news cycle changes fast these days, doesn’t it? From a virus, to lockdowns, to opening/closing schools, to chaos in city streets, to wildfires, to hurricanes, and the sad death of a Supreme Court Justice. Whew. I’m out of breath.The sun photo above was taken a week ago when smoke haze from the fires drifted out here to the Midwest.

I have my own personal-life-news-cycle changing as well. Nothing big, mind you, but we have a couple of health issues to deal with. Not to mention, my husband’s job having a dramatic change. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition so his job and position remain in tact.I’ve also had something pop up in my neighborhood recently. You see, we live in suburbia where we have yards with fences. Our homes aren’t on top of each other like in the city, but we are fairly close, about 25 to 30 feet apart.

We used to have a back yard neighbor’s dog outside barking incessantly for hours at a time. It went on for two or three years, and I even posted about losing my temper over it once. Our dog, Max, had much more patience with the barker than I. After Max passed away at the first of this year, while I was grieving, my own patience wore off. The police took care of that matter. The dog still barks, but for shorter periods now, twenty minutes at the longest.

So now it appears I’m doing something to annoy a different neighbor, and I’m not sure if it’s me, or that neighbor. I know what it’s like to have rude neighbors who don’t take into account how to be considerate of others close by. I don’t want to be inconsiderate, so I’ll share this here and see what you think.I’ve been posting some photographs of the beautiful birds and cute critters I’ve had in my yard since putting up a bird feeder. We put out a feeder because of the emptiness without Max and being stuck at home for months due to the virus. The birds and critters gave us something to smile about. We don’t have a single tree in our yard, so we rarely saw any birds, squirrels, or chipmunks here before.It turns out, our neighbor with two huge trees do not like our bird feeder. Apparently the squirrels and chipmunks are swarming their trees since our feeder’s been up. I’ve been told there is concern they will burrow into the basement or under their shed. Rabbits have enjoyed the shelter underneath their shed (right next to our property) for years now.

Should I feel guilty about this? Should I take down my feeder?

This same neighbor’s tree has branches that cover one side of our yard, and we have to clean up those leaves every year. Never once complained. Trees do that. It’s part of life.

Bird in neighbor’s tree that hovers over our yard

I’m a person who is always trying to be aware of others because I don’t want to be inconsiderate. Am I being inconsiderate with a feeder and no trees?



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  1. It’s weird that someone would complain about birds flocking to your tree. I agree with Jill. Birds are going to do that even if a bird feeder isn’t there. It sounds like the neighbor just wants to complain because maybe she’s feeling that life is out of control and she wants some measure of control.

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    1. Hi L. The neighbor was more concerned about the squirrels and chipmunks, because my bird feeder is attracting them. But you could be right about her feeling out of control. I noticed the last couple times we talked before she complained, she seemed to like to complain in general. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

      Thanks for stopping by. Stay warm this week. Temps are taking a dive. πŸ˜•


    1. Hi Abbi. We always got along with this neighbor before, so I was disappointed in this reaction and didn’t want a problem between us. We only plan to take the feeder down when/if we get another dog, which was our intention in the first place.

      Thanks for your input. Hope all is well with you.


  2. I agree with everyone else. Nope. No taking down of bird feeders. Yikes. You’re attracting squirrels and chipmunks? How terrible. πŸ˜‰ Jill is right – they will be there whether you have feeders or not. Put out some corn and oats for your four-legged visitors. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Lynette. Yes, squirrels and chipmunks, oh no! I actually put the feeder out to attract that orange cardinal I posted about, and now I see a lot of different cardinals. I think the are so striking. Thanks for noticing and for your input.

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  3. Hope the health and job issues resolve; it’s certainly been a tough year on both of those fronts for many people. I have had a similar situation with close-by neighbors and barking dogs and that can be maddening for sure. As for the bird feeder, I personally would keep it up. If they have trees in their yard, they’re going to have squirrels whether a neighbor has a bird feeder or not. I’m also sensitive in being a polite neighbor, though I often find people don’t return that favor. Maybe try to make the feeder more squirrel resistant (though a difficult feat from personal experience.)

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    1. I totally relate to your statement about being a polite neighbor but people don’t always return the favor. We got along with this neighbor before, so I’m a disappointed that she sees us differently now. It seems to be only the wife and not the husband. In the past, she told us she doesn’t like their giant oak, but her husband wanted it. I think the tree is more her problem than our feeder.

      I like your idea of trying to make it squirrel resistant. My dad uses something on his feeder to keep the squirrels away from it. I’ll have to see if I can find it here (he’s in Wisconsin). Thanks for your input.


  4. Nope, nope, nope. The critters were there before the feeder. Maybe the neighbors are around more to notice it. In any case, you’re not making them take down their trees so they shouldn’t make you take down your feeders. BTW I have 4 feeders in my back yard although we have more space between our houses. Our neighbor across the street started to keep bees. Some neighbors got in a huff so she educated them. Honey bees don’t sting unless you pester them and they are not a nuisance like wasps and other stingers. Everything settled down. What I noticed is that my garden had more pollinators. Win-win!

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    1. So true, Kate. The critters were here before the feeder. I used to see them every once in a while using our yard as a pass-through to the yards with the trees. Glad your neighbor got things straightened out with the neighbors. I love getting honey straight from a bee-keeper. Thanks for your input.

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  5. I’m with Jill – NO WAY take down your bird feeder! Jill and I both “talk about” our hummingbird feeders all the time. The sweet juice in there can attract bees. Ours is up in the back away from neighbors, but a friend moved her feeder from front to back because her next door neighbor was allergic to bees. That was reasonable. But our regular birdfeeder (and yes, we have one too that attracts so many beautiful birds – as well as squirrels and the errant wild turkey or so) as well as our suet feeder bring so much pleasure to my guy and me. Hey, birds and squirrels are part of nature. If your neighbor doesn’t like it, they can move to the city!! (And I’m normally a “nice” person, but I think that neighbor of yours is being nasty.)

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    1. Hi Pam. I know about Jill and her Hummingbirds, and just recently saw yours, too. Yeah, hubs wants to keep up the bird feeder, so it’s still there. I told Jill exactly what you mentioned, the wildlife animals around here are a part of nature. We don’t live in a rural area with deer or turkey and such, so this is all we’ve got (birds, squirrels, chipmunks). It’s not that big of deal. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I always know you’re a nice person. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

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  6. Argghhh, you are right about the continual challenging news. I am sorry you have to deal with health and work challenges–and now this. I don’t know what the “right” answer is. Part of me would want to keep feeding the birds and to heck with the neighbor. The other part would cherish the peace and goodwill more. Good luck as you work your way through what feels most right and satisfactory.

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    1. Hi Kathy. Those two parts of you are the same two parts of me. Husband wants to keep it up. So for now it will stay there, but we can always change our minds. It’s not written in stone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  7. There is no way I’d take our feeders down, Lori. Squirrels and chipmunks hang out in trees no matter if there’s bird feeders around. If your neighbor is so concerned about the critters moving into their home, perhaps they should have the trees removed. We’ve had our share of squirrel issues. Trust me, they won’t leave just because you put your feeders away. Untrained, barking dogs…don’t even get me started!

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    1. Haha. Yes, I love dogs, but I would never let mine bother the neighborhood with barking. It’s just rude. As far as a bird feeder, I mean, I don’t want to be a rude neighbor myself, but animals (nature) will be animals. They aren’t domesticated like a dog. It’s part of life, just like their tree shedding in our yard. I feel bad that she has a problem with us now, cause we always got along before. The feeder doesn’t seem to bother her husband. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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