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Freaks, Weddings, and Royalty

Since last week I posted a heavy, emotional post, I thought I’d switch gears to the entertainment topic today. I have more heavy posts drafted, but let’s go lighter today. Here are a few reviews of things we’ve watched while stuck at home. These are a mix of genres, and I’ve shown the years they aired.


The trailer to this movie, Freaks, interested me, because I like the idea of regular people finding out they have a super power. The story starts out with a father, Henry, and his seven-year old daughter, Chloe, hiding in a squalid home. Chloe has never been outside of the house for her entire seven years of life. Henry keeps telling his daughter that there are bad men outside that want to kill her, but we don’t know who or why. The clues they give about the mystery are bizarre, almost like a drug induced experience. At times, his treatment of the little girl appears abusive, but you can see he’s trying to protect her when she gets curious about the outside world. It takes too long to clear up the mystery. After a lot of dragged out scenes, we fast-forwarded through about 15 minutes of the show. Finally the film starts making sense as to why they’re hiding, and the plot picks up pace with excitement. The plot turns out to be more of a violent dark fantasy than a sci-fi story about super heroes. If you like dark fantasy, you might like it. The acting is fantastic, but I’m disappointed in yet another movie that depicts the whole of humanity as evil. Once past the halfway mark, it gets thrilling, and the acting is good, but the overall plot is too slow and dark for me. I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.


The entire plot of this romantic comedy takes place at a wedding. Hayley is getting married in Italy, and throughout the day, several funny mishaps occur. Hayley’s brother, Jack is in love with Dina, his sister’s friend. Dina is exotically gorgeous, but her personality is bland. Jack blew a chance to be with her years earlier, which they don’t really show much, so there is very little chemistry. At the wedding, he is excited to get a second chance with her. Hayley and Jack have the more engaging personalities, plus their two hilarious friends, Bryan and Rebecca. Hayley is much like a Julia Roberts or a Sandra Bullock in any of their movies. Jack reminds me of Hugh Grant. It’s fun and entertaining. The story tries to make a point about true love, but it really doesn’t feel like there is any meaning to the story at all. I recommend it to be entertained and forget about what’s happening in the world for a while, but it’s nothing deep. Just cute. I give it 3.5 of 5 stars.


This TV series was on the now defunct network CW, and I’d always been curious about it. After it ended, I decided to watch it on Netflix, and I was hooked from the first scene. The creators/writers fictionalize the life of Mary Queen of Scots and add a touch of the supernatural. They do use real events, but they are drowned out in the fiction. Every single episode has intrigue and suspense. The chemistry between Queen Mary and Prince Frances oozes through the screen. The woman who plays Mary’s mother-in-law and rival (Megan Follows), Queen Catherine De’Medici is phenomenal as the antagonist. You have to overlook the clothing and music not being of that era, because after all, it is fictionalized. How fun it would be to play dress-up in some of the gorgeous clothing worn by the women in the show. I’m giving it 4.5 of 5 stars, only because I didn’t like what they did with the story halfway through the second season. They also sort of ended it abruptly and didn’t really show all the things that happened in the second half of her life. But, they did bring it to a conclusion. Overall, this was extremely captivating.


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    1. I checked, and yes, the same Megan Follows. I never saw Ann of Green Gables, so wasn’t aware she was in that show. She was great as the antagonist, Catherine de Medici, although the character is fictionalized.

      Thanks for reading the reviews. Have a nice weekend. 😊

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    2. There is a new version of Anne, on Netflix, in case you’re interested. Titled, Anne with an E. I haven’t seen it, but have heard good things.


  1. I tried so hard to watch Reign based on your recommendation but I just could not gel with it. I loved the costumes but I found it a bit too soapy and it seemed like it was really dragged out to get to such a long episode run per season. I felt like if they had done 10 episodes per season and cut half the love triangles/quadrangles if might have been more engaging. So glad you love it though 🙂

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    1. Hi Abbi. The series Reign was originally not on streaming. It was on a Prime Time network here in the states. Those series usually have anywhere from 15 to 24 episodes, and they air over that many weeks. I think you’re right that they needed to fill them in with something, so they added some stuff that wasn’t necessary. That is why I didn’t care for the second half of the second season. But, I did enjoy all the rest.

      At least you gave it a try. Thanks for reading these reviews.


  2. Thanks for the reviews, Lori. I’ve always gravitated toward series rather than movies, and I’ve been on the lookout for some that are new (to me). I didn’t realize Reign had a supernatural component. I’ll try to check it out.
    Freaks — and other slow moving movies or series… I often think people are trying too hard to make something artistic. I’ve had that reaction to several of the Amazon shows. I was drawn in by the promo, thinking I would really like it, but gave up long before the storytelling ever got started.
    Have a lovely new week. Hugs on the wing.

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    1. Hi Teagan. Thanks for pointing out how some movies do focus more on being artistic than the actual plot line. That’s so true, and I think it does apply to the movie Freaks.

      As far as the supernatural aspect to Reign, it’s just a light touch. It’s more like a minor character in a plot filled with major characters. But that light touch adds to the intrigue.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these reviews. 💗


  3. Yay! Reviews! I wasn’t really familiar with Freaks or Love Wedding Repeat (which sounds like the plot of My Best Friend’s Wedding). But Reign sounds very compelling!

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    1. Hi L. My Best Friend’s Wedding isn’t the same plot, but the characters are very similar.

      Do you know how they say that authors need to hook the reader in the first sentence or at least the first couple of sentences? Well, the series Reign hooked me in ten seconds. A LOT happens in each episode. Sometimes I think it’s even a little TOO much, but it sure kept me coming back. It’s never dull.

      Thanks for reading. 😊

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  4. Once again, I can’t believe our spiritual connection. Have been thinking about writing a blog about “freaks”. My mouth fell open to see this in your title. 😄

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    1. Hi Jill. Even though I liked Love, Wedding, Repeat, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was funnier. This latest movie is British and the whole movie takes place on the wedding day.

      Thanks for reading, Jill.

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