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Times Are Weird

These times are weird
Germs are everywhere to be feared
Division by media is engineered
Old friendships are broken and smeared

A siren blaring paradeBrought us a cheerful serenadeGot us out of the house in shorts
With all of the good weather reports

For days it was sunny and warm
Then next there was a snow stormThe flowers were in bloomNow soggy in a dreary gloom

Back to hiding away
Because we’ll catch it, they sayPlus the added snow
Just stay in and watch a show

Don’t have a life, they say
Otherwise you’re dead as clay
Going to church is against the law
Walking too close is another flaw

Don’t sit in your car for church
Or a ticket will be put on your window perch
Don’t even think about how to pay
Because working is another doomsday

No matter what you do it will be wrong
Just stay inside and be strong
Trust that your government knows what’s best
It’s okay for us to be suppressed

Listen to the powers that be
No matter how long it takes to guarantee
They’ve always been right don’t you know
Sit tight no matter how much you owe

by L. Virelli

P.S. A last minute poem with photos put together in an hour. Forgive the messy photos and sloppy prose. We really did have a first responders parade and everyone cheered from their homes. It was uplifting. The first time I ever planted flowers and it’s snowing on them today.


19 thoughts on “Times Are Weird”

    1. True about the ups and downs, Andrea. From spring to winter in 2 days, from happy parades to hiding in fear. We’re back to spring again today. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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  1. Yup. It’s weird. And wired. 😉 At least, that’s how I felt until 2 p.m. when I went outside for the first time in a month! Yay! Only for groceries but my, it was nice 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your snow. It seems to be such a late spring in many areas.

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    1. Yay! You got to go to the store. I’ve been seeing all kinds of jokes going around. One of them said, “I get to take the garbage out, what should I wear?”

      I took those snow pictures in the morning, and by dinner time it was all melted. It’s supposed to be 60f (16c) this weekend!

      Have a nice and healthy weekend.

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    1. The first responder parade really lifted the spirits of our neighborhood. Everyone was smiling. It actually moved me.

      Thanks for reading, Robin. Have a nice weekend and stay healthy.


    1. Hi Jill. I took those snow photos this morning and it’s already melting. It’s supposed to be 60 degrees this weekend. Times surely are weird.

      What? They’ve always been right, right? 😏

      Have a nice and healthy weekend.


    1. Hi Anneli. Yes, the snow got me motivated. Plus, I’ve been wanting to share about the first responder parade, so I integrated them both into the poem. I took the snow photos this morning, and it’s already melting. It’s supposed to be 60f (16c) this weekend. Times surely are weird.

      Have a nice weekend and stay well.

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