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Regenerated Routine

After we said goodbye to our dog, Max . . . simply doing our regular routine felt like a knife to the gut. He was always there during every routine. It’s difficult to change things up, because I still needed to do all the same things I always did, only without him. I started to write a little about my routine, but how boring. I’ll just get to the point of this post.

During the day when I work on my writing (WIP), I play classical music through the television from the cable music stations. Max would always lay down in the room near me, and the music used to soothe him to sleep.

Putting the same music on now just reminded me he was no longer in the room with me. I couldn’t bear listening . . . at least not yet. I love Rock Music, but that stuff would distract me. I’d start dancing and singing along. I needed something calming but stimulating to the mind (not the dancing body).

What to do? What to do? 🤔

After clicking around on YouTube through my television, this is what I found (below). Don’t feel the need to watch the whole thing, the first one minute will give you an idea about my new background ambience for writing.

I like the natures sounds in the background. Every so often I look up from this eye-drying lighted screen to the magnificent scenes from one nature video or another.The above picture is a screen shot from a video at Mt. Rainier in Washington state. It stays on one scene for a while so I don’t feel like I’m missing any of the new sights while I write. Plus, it plays for three hours and I can just let it run.

Then came hiking videos. Wow. There are countless scenic hiking videos out there. I wouldn’t even know which one to choose to share with you. I learned that people with modern treadmills that have screens can put the hiking videos on as they walk. They can also adjust the speed on the video itself to coincide with the treadmill pace.

Here are a few links to awesome hikes if anyone is interested; another scenic hike in Mt. Rainier National Park, Glacier National Park, Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, Eagle Creek Trail, Zion National Park. I’m sure there are many more in Europe and other parts of the world as well. These are perfect for me, because since I’m not one who likes to fly, I can live vicariously.

After watching plenty of hiking videos, and being cooped up with this quarantine, a hike sounded rejuvenating to me. Our weather has been crisp and refreshing lately. We have a very short hiking trail along a creek near our home. So, we took a little jaunt.

I have to be honest, it was very difficult to go without Max. Not physically, but emotionally. My soul longed for him, and I cried some, but it still did my body good to get out.

Not living near mountains, my photos are not near as scenic as those above, but I took some shots anyway. I took the picture of the creek below during winter 2018 when Max was with me.Below is a picture I took in the same spot when we went over the weekend without our Max.With every new season of this first year without Max, we’ll be reminded of the things we did with him in the change of weather.There are a lot of fallen-over and broken trees, not only on our path, but on the paths I saw in those gorgeous sights on the videos. In the above photo on our hike, can you see the branch bent over the trail? Do you see the other fallen tree that’s being cradled by other brittle trees?Another broken tree. I found myself looking around to make sure none of them fell on me.Soon this will all be filled in with greenery.Someone lost their soccer ball.It’s nice to hear the birds singing again.

What virtual hike would you like to take? Have you found any scenic videos you recommend?




20 thoughts on “Regenerated Routine”

    1. Yes, Andrea, Max has left a huge empty space. Those hiking videos sometimes hook me like a well written story as I wonder what’s around every next corner.
      Thank you for your kind words.

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  1. I missed frogs sounds! I love nature’s natural noise. I find it soothing. I lost my beloved cat Jake 4-1/2 years ago and I still miss him a lot. Sometimes I talk to him especially about the “new” cat who would have pestered the daylights out of him. He would have womped her on the head. Gently of course.

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    1. Nature’s natural noise has been a nice replacement to the music I used to listen to. It’s cool that you talk to Jake. It helps to continue to recognize them. I talk to both Max and Piezon on occasion. I had a dream recently where Max showed me he was with both Piezon and our cat, Sneakers, and he never met either of them in life. Piezon and Sneakers were our only family when we lived in Florida . . . the best kind of family. 😉

      Thanks for sharing, Kate.

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  2. Lori, I am about ready to climb the walls, but won’t be able to go for a real walk outside for another 10 days, and no treadmill with video. Yikes. I will be happy when my quarantine is finished.

    I understand the terrible longing for and missing of your beloved Max. ❤️

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    1. Hi Lynnette. If you can get YouTube through your television, try putting on a virtual hike there. The photography is amazing. Especially the ones in 4K.

      Thank you for understanding about Max. Some days are better than others.

      Hang in there and stay well.

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  3. Nature definitely quiets the mind. Prior to the pandemic and working from home, I was listening to a nature YouTube video at my day job. Tuning out the nearby cubicle chatter is important for ones sanity. 🙂

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    1. That’s a good idea for the cubicle, Jill. These landscape photography videos on YouTube are amazing.

      Stay well.


  4. It’s a good place to go in your mind – all those beautiful quiet places in nature. I say “quiet” meaning without human-made noise. The sounds of the water rushing and birds singing are also noise but more soothing. Nice.

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  5. Am delighted, Lori, you found things to distract and soothe you at the same time, things that work for you. I know the pain of losing a beloved dog–and a human too–and it can be devastating to our whole life. Bully for you for pushing through and finding some surcease. God bless you and may you find more as time fleets.

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    1. Good to hear from you, Mary. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your kind words. Some days are harder than others.


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