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Yellow Carpet

I took the above photo on Sunday.

Just three days earlier, on Halloween, the picket fence would not have been the only white in the picture. It snowed all day, accumulating to six inches, which made things more difficult for trick-or-treaters. Of course, it didn’t stop them. They do live near Chicago after all. They’re used to that stuff. As for me, I wasn’t ready for snow in fall, so I don’t have a picture.Looks like we had a short autumn, because leaves didn’t start turning color until after my birthday (October 17), and a lot of them are carpeting the ground now.Thankfully, the ground was still warm, so our snow melted in twenty-four hours. This week, temperatures are supposed to drop to colder than they usually are this time of year…ten to twenty degrees colder.

I have a list of blog ideas written down for future posts. Specifically, there are ten philosophical ideas that I’ve noted for topics. The thing is, deep-thinking takes time for digging into my heart and mind, then figuring out how to put it all into words.

I apologize that I couldn’t keep up with all the blog post notifications last week. I’ve been working on my WIP (yes, it’s taking me forever). I hope to have a little more time this week, but I wanted to drop a post to let my fellow bloggers and my readers know I’m thinking of you. Hope your autumn is lasting long enough for you to enjoy it.


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  1. Love the beautiful photos, Lori. I’m enjoying the rich colors of autumn.
    Halloween was pretty sad for the kids. I was at the home of some friends who have two little boys. They went trick or treating for about 20 minutes and came back with huge amounts of candy. I passed out candy at their house while they were gone. Not many kids ventured out in the cold!

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    1. We hung out at my bro’s house for Halloween. My nephews were gone for two hours and came back with a garbage bag filled with candy. Snow doesn’t bother kids. It never bothered me back then either.


  2. Lori, lovely you could share your beautiful Autumn photos with us! The rich golden colour warming the soul!😀 Snow? I haven’t seen for so long I think I’ve forgotten what it looks like. l look forward to your posts … philosophical one eh?! 😀

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    1. Hi Andrea. It was a shock to get that much snow so early. We do get flurries, but 6 inches…yikes. We got through it. Now to prepare for frigid temps starting tomorrow. Hope you’re staying warm there in the UK.

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