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Four Days for Goldilocks

Air conditions are off. Heat pumps and furnaces are off. Goldilocks is enjoying this “just right” weather. Everything is quiet, and I hear something rustling in the brush.Oh, it’s just a chipmunk.I apologize for being unable to get to reading blogs last week. For my birthday on Thursday, and all the way through Sunday, we took some time away to enjoy the outdoors.On Thursday, we drove down to the Riverwalk where the husband and I used to go when we were dating. The picture above is a painting of that very Riverwalk from a long, long time ago (please excuse the reflection off the glass).

It’s probably been about a dozen years since we’ve been back to visit. I tried to take a photo with the same view in the painting. I stood in the wrong area, but I was next to that railing you see in the painting.

Aside from the distant covered bridge, the view has changed, as you’ll see below.I wore the wrong shoes along the path, and my feet were killing me. Luckily, I had a more comfortable pair in the car. In pain, I didn’t feel I could take another step, even though we were only about 50 yards away from our car. My wonderful husband told me to take a seat and he’d get my other shoes.

I was going to sit on a nearby cement ledge, but changed my mind and decided to go through the grass to a park bench. I started to move forward, when I almost stepped on what you see below.The cement in front of the snake is the ledge I almost sat on first! I have three photos of this snake, and in all of them he seemed to be posing for me. He finally decided he had enough of the photo session and slithered away, burying himself in the soil.

Once I changed into more comfortable shoes, we continued on our way, enjoying the lovely day.

The above photo is similar to the header on my blog, except Max is posing. All three of us had an exhilarating day in the cool temps, and tiring, but we still weren’t done.We celebrated with family for dinner (faces blurred for anonymity). Have I mentioned lately how happy I am to be back home?The following day we went to dad’s farm (above) in Wisconsin where he instructed me on gun safety.Max tired himself out after running around off-leash in all that free space. Afterward, we had a nice visit over dinner with Dad and is wife.

We went on a couple more outdoors jaunts on Saturday and barbecued on Sunday. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather, because cooler temps are on the way.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall.


15 thoughts on “Four Days for Goldilocks”

    1. Thank you, Andrea. Weather has changed drastically since those 4 days. Got 6 inches of snow on our Halloween here. It melted already, but really? I’m not ready for snow until December. Hope you are enjoying fall over there.

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  1. Hope you had a great birthday, Lori. Lovely photos, even the one with the snake! 😀
    Gotta love a riverwalk! It’s always great to be near water.

    The weather has suddenly turned. Trying to get used to it.

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    1. Hi L. This riverwalk isn’t too far from you. It was a bit of a drive for us, but worth the ride for the day. I used to see snakes in Florida on occasion, but don’t expect to see them here. That’s the second time I’ve seen one since I’ve been back.

      Yes, the weather has turned. I enjoy chilly when the sun is out, but that rain and wind yesterday was not pleasant.


    1. Hi Eric. I don’t think there are poisonous snakes around here. I no longer live in Florida (thank God), and I was shocked to see a snake here in the Chicago suburbs. Poisonous or not, I’d prefer it stay away from me. 😨

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. 😊

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    1. Thank you for reading about it, Anneli. We really didn’t leave home, we just spent a few days exploring our area.

      BTW, I’m still having trouble commenting on posts. I commented on a couple of yours and it asked me to sign in each time. I don’t know if they even showed up on your blog. I’ve been discussing this with WordPress, but so far they’re blaming it on me. Even though I’ve not done anything different than I’ve ever done and never had trouble before.

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